EOC Interview August 16, 2018

Maurice Manley – King Collision Auto Repair

While working for the larger collision repair organizations, Maurice realized that he was restricted from repairing vehicles properly because of the management. Certain parts and procedures that they knew were incorrect, were ignored for the sake of profit. So, he started his own full service automotive repair facility specializing in collision repair. They work for the customer and not the insurance company so they are not contractually bound to repair your car in a substandard fashion like insurance shops. Instead they focus on quality parts and optimal repair results.

EOC Interview August 15, 2018

Mark Henson – sparkspace

While working for a design firm, Mark realized how much environment affected creativity & collaboration. Mark knew that turning this notion into a new business would bring success. Guests now walk in the sparkspace door and say, “WOW! What a space! This is going to be a great meeting!” After 18 years, they still say that every day when they walk in. For Mark, it’s all about creating and building something unique that solves a problem for someone. He’s wired for hospitality and creativity and personal development, and likes to solve problems and provide solutions that help people have top-notch experiences in those areas.

EOC Interview August 12, 2018

Jason Carpenter – Environmental Pest Management

EPM was running their business operations out of their basement until consistent growth led to the need for an office space (and they were worried about neighbors complaining to the HOA). Now, Jason Carpenter has ambitions for the company to do $6-8 million in revenue, have 50-60 technicians and a succession plan in place for his kids.

EOC Interview July 24, 2018

Christian McCoy – Cookie Bouquets

Christian was a mechanic with no money prior to starting Cookie Bouquet, an eCommerce company that sells bouquets of cookies throughout the country. He credits his father, an entrepreneur, for inspiring him to start the business. Christian had to decide between either starting a Subway franchise or Cookie Bouquet, and he is confident he made the right decision.

EOC Interview July 17, 2018

Jim Wasserstrom – Advance Sign Group

Jim Wasserstrom is the President/CEO of Advance Sign Group. When you see brands and businesses with well-lit signage outside of their headquarters or inside a mall, Jim’s company likely had a hand in many of these projects. Learn how Jim took his Columbus company from a local business to a national player since purchasing ASG in 2001.

EOC Interview July 16, 2018

Stefanie Parks – DermWarehouse

Each day, Stefanie Parks is overseeing an operation that ships skincare and beauty products throughout the U.S. Stefanie has grown DermWarehouse into one of the largest Dermatologist backed skincare eCommerce sites in the United States. She wears a lot of different hats, from customer service to digital marketing to logistics, she is a jack of all trades, which is needed when start your business from scratch.

EOC Interview July 13, 2018

Kaleigh Shrigley & Claire Lowe – ONE SIX FIVE Jewelry

Kaleigh Shrigley attended CCAD and made jewelry to sell on the side. She met Claire Lowe working at a local boutique and the two of them decided to start their jewelry business from there. ONE SIX FIVE opened its first location in Clintonville and sells via Shopify for eCommerce.

EOC Interview July 8, 2018

Noah Mabry & Singleton Hicks – FOREGROUND studio llc

Singleton Hicks and Noah Mabry met in OSU’s Landscape Architecture program. They graduated during the great recession, and while working together in a 9 to 5 cubicle job, they would work on design competitions and other small side projects. Eventually, they decided that if this was the type of work they wanted to do they would have to forge their own path.

EOC Interview July 8, 2018

Russell Pinto – Wild Ohio Brewing

Russell Pinto had a product that was losing $20,000 a month and knew he had to take action. He changed the name, packaging, pricing structure and took a smaller profit margin while reduced the price, which drastically changed his business for the better. Wild Ohio is now being sold in Target, Meijer, Kroger and Giant Eagle. If took an outcry on social media for Russell to realize how many people loved his product before relaunching and revitalizing the brand.