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EOC Interview May 14, 2019

Stefan Thomas – Thomas Ingram Law Group

After graduating from Capital University, Stefan Thomas started his legal career at a big firm. He found some success but decided he wanted to try practicing independently. After a while he and his business partner Ashley Ingram decided to merge their practices to create the Thomas Ingram Law Group in 2016.

EOC Interview May 6, 2019

Aimee & Brandon Harper – Belgian Iron

It may be a challenge to run a business with your spouse, but Brandon and Aimee Harper knew they needed to bring Liege waffles Columbus as soon as they took their first bite. Belgian Iron is a young and growing specialty waffle and coffee shop located in the Short North. With unique toppings and high quality ingredients, the Harpers have already found success.

EOC Interview April 29, 2019

Corey Favor – Creative Control Fest

Corey Favor is working to build the Columbus community of entrepreneurs and creatives by hosting an annual multi-day conference that centers around creatives of color. Creative control fest aims for the mutual exchange of resources in art design tech and more.

EOC Interview April 1, 2019

Stacy Stultz – [gath•er]

While [gath•er] might just seem like a trendy community rental space in Delaware, Stacy Stultz had a much bigger idea in mind when she started her own business. Stacy believes in the power of connection and she hopes to help cultivate relationships by creating a destination where the community of Delaware can come together to connect and collaborate.

EOC Interview March 25, 2019

Nate Demars – Pursuit

The idea of the suit shop Pursuit was born in class at Ohio State while Nate Demars was studying to earn his MBA. In 2015 Nate moved into the Short North and since then, he has catapulted his businesses success, opening a second location in Cincinnati and partnering with the Columbus Crew and the US Men’s Curling Team.

EOC Interview March 18, 2019

Kevin Crowley – Lox Bagel Shop

Kevin Crowley worked in the restaurant business his whole adult life, and his dream was always to own his own restaurant. After meeting his wife at Ohio State while he was getting his MBA, he decided Columbus was the perfect place to open up shop. Lox Bagel Shop to be exact, where he makes hand rolled, boiled and baked bagels and bagel sandwiches using only the best ingredients.

EOC Interview March 11, 2019

Lindsay Fork – La Jeune Mariee

Lindsay Fork became a business owner after buying La Jeune Mariee in 2008 and after growing the business rapidly she opened another bridal shop in 2011 called LUXERedux, where the bride can walk away with a dress the same day she goes in. 8 years later, Lindsay and her businesses continue to flourish in the Columbus market.

EOC Interview February 27, 2019

Cameron Mitchell – Cameron Mitchell Restaurants

Cameron Mitchell finished nearly dead last in his high school class, 592 of 599. His first job ever was in 1980 as a dish washer at a local restaurant earning $2.65 an hour. He now owns a $300 million empire with 55 restaurants across the country offering everything from fine dining to steakhouses to gastropubs.

EOC Interview February 25, 2019

Graham Allison – Opportunity Zone Development Group

Working in economic development for 15 years and then real estate for 5, Graham Allison was searching for more economic incentives to help his clients in 2017, when he learned about the new Opportunity Zones. Since then, he has become an expert in his field to the point that Graham was even a speaker at the Opportunity Zone Expo in Los Angeles on January 25. Even though his business is just one year old, he is sure it will continue to grow rapidly.

EOC Interview February 18, 2019

Kim Pheiffer – KP Design & Associates

After giving birth to her first child, Kim Pheiffer decided to quit her well-paying corporate job to start her own interior design company. Now, KP Design and Associates has a team of 20 women who can do anything from a simple paint consultation to a full remodel of a bathroom or kitchen, specializing in residential design. Winning ‘Best Design Firm in Columbus,’ Kim’s company is continuing to grow at a rapid pace.

EOC Interview February 11, 2019

Jeremy Fox – Fox’s Food

When Jeremy Fox was attending Butler University in Indiana he fell in love with a bagel shop called Broad Ripple Bagel Deli. When Jeremy got to Columbus he noticed that the Short North was much like Broad Ripple in Indianapolis, but it was just missing one thing: a bagel shop. So Jeremy started with a food cart called Short North Bagel Deli and now is the owner of the brick and mortar shop; Blocks Bagels Bexley, which he intends to continue to grow.

EOC Interview February 4, 2019

Joseph Nigh – Nigh Law Group

After moving to Columbus from Bucyrus, Ohio, to attend The Ohio State University, Joseph fell in love and hasn’t left since. He studied law at the Mortiz College and worked for many years until his firm split, leaving him to take charge and start the Nigh Law Group, focusing on a variety of family law services.

EOC Interview January 28, 2019

Michael Byrne – Lineage Brewing

After a trip to Munich with his wife, the world of beer and brewing was really opened up for Michael. He made his first IPA from a kit and while the beer wasn’t great, he loved the process and kept brewing and started winning some awards. He enjoyed the science, the problem solving and the artistic elements of brewing. The obsession is what lead to him taking a job as a professional pub brewer and eventually opening Lineage Brewing.

EOC Interview January 21, 2019

Dave Ulmer – Crossfit IPA

Dave started doing crossfit by himself while he was living in Rochester, New York, when he found the new workout craze online. One year later he moved to Columbus, Ohio where he worked out at local crossfit gyms, slowly getting better and better until he found himself coaching others. After falling in love with coaching, Dave decided to open his own gym in 2016.

EOC Interview January 14, 2019

Brian White – Pho Fast

Born and Raised in Columbus, Brian saw the need for a healthy, natural fast food option on Ohio State’s campus, so he opened a pho food cart. Since then, he has expanded into corporate food courts and will soon open his first brick and mortar Pho Fast restaurant in the Columbus area.

EOC Interview January 7, 2019

Maren Roth – Rowe Boutique

After working in the fashion industry in New York and California, Maren decided to move back to Columbus to open her own boutique. Twelve years after beginning as a pop-up boutique in 2006, Rowe has earned its place as one of the top boutique shopping destinations in Ohio — and Maren has her eye on expansion.

EOC Interview January 2, 2019

Randy McDermott – Dump a Box Rentals

Randy McDermott prides himself on providing his clients with a better dumpster rental experience. McDermott learned a lot about how to be the biggest company while working for the largest public waste hauler in North America, but he decided that it was time to provide homeowners with a transparent, friendly, professional and clean service. His goal is not to compete with the largest players in the industry, but to out-perform them. When you choose Dump-A-Box Dumpster Rentals you are choosing the best.

EOC Interview November 26, 2018

Brittany Tutwiler – A Plus Staffing Solutions

She was born in Tampa, Florida and went to school at Clemson University, but Brittany Tutwiler and her mother and now business partner knew Columbus was the right spot to purchase a staffing franchise. Since then, Brittany has risen to the top of the Columbus staffing market and has become independent and isn’t stopping anytime soon.

EOC Interview November 15, 2018

Lindsay & Alex Remley – Edgework Creative

In 2012, Lindsay & Alex started using reclaimed wood to build one of a kind furniture. With the support of their Columbus community, they’ve grown, evolved, expanded their business and the range of materials they use in their work. They are driven to build pieces of furniture that are sure to be heirlooms for generations to come.

EOC Interview October 25, 2018

Jared Schiff – Turbo Debt Recovery

Turbo Debt Recovery is a debt collection agency that focuses on collecting outstanding commercial, healthcare, and government debt. In addition to collecting your outstanding debt, we take a firm stance on compliance. With 25 years of experience, Turbo Debt Recovery knows what it takes to get your money as fast as possible.

EOC Interview September 23, 2018

Mikey Sorboro – Mikey’s Late Night Slice

When Mikey’s Late Night Slice first opened up, they weren’t even making our own pizza. They were buying whole pies and reselling the slices. They outgrew that very quickly and started making pizza the way they liked to eat pizza. Big floppy slices that you can fold up. Chunky sauce but a little bit thin, kind of spice heavy and salty breadstick around the edge. Mikey and his partners nailed their recipe in the first few months and its changed very little since they first opened ten years ago.