Our Process for Selecting the “Top Rated” Businesses 

What differentiates us from other top-rated and list-related sites is the fact that we’re locally owned and operated. We have local oversight into each list that’s curated to ensure accuracy. Our Columbus knowledge helps cultivate lists that make sense for people living in the area. In addition, there are numerous other trust factors that we utilize when compiling our top rated businesses.

  1. Online Reviews
    We understand the importance of online reviews. We look at numerous major review sites to determine the validity and trust factor of each business. Rather than housing reviews on our website, we felt it was best to take more of a cumulative approach in deciding the top businesses.
  2. Independent Audits
    Our team scours websites and search engine results to determine the credibility, authority and proximity of each business. As mentioned above, our understanding of the Columbus area greatly helps with this.
  3. Interviews and User Submissions
    We know the best recommendations often come from word of mouth. We take into consideration referrals from other entrepreneurs we interview along with user submissions.
  4. Technology
    We have a formula that helps us determine trustworthy businesses that are local to Columbus. We take this into consideration along with the processes above.

Note: If you notice a company that you feel should not be on our list for any reason, or if you feel we’re missing one, please contact us. We take feedback from users into consideration for the validity of our listings.

We also offer sponsored listings, which will appear near the top of search results. We can’t list every great business, but this gives the ability for a company to get additional exposure.