List of Top 10 Columbus Immigration Lawyers

We found the best Immigration Attorneys in Columbus, Ohio.

We determined the top immigration attorneys in Columbus so you can find the right lawyer for your needs.


The Law Firm of Shihab & Associates

The Law Firm of Shihab & Associates is a renowned immigration law firm that represents a diverse range of clients, including global corporations, employers, colleges, universities, healthcare professionals, families, and immigrants worldwide. Their team of skilled attorneys is dedicated to providing innovative, vigorous, and cost-effective legal strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs and aspirations.

Pros: The Law Firm of Shihab & Associates garners widespread praise for its professionalism, expertise in immigration law, responsiveness, clear communication, and ability to achieve successful outcomes in visa applications, green card approvals, and citizenship cases. Clients commend the firm’s dedication, knowledge, and consistent follow-ups, expressing satisfaction with the services provided.

Cons: A lack of many negative reviews may make it hard for some potential clients to get a full scope of the firm’s shortcomings, if there are any to be noted.


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Yazdani Law, Immigration Lawyers

Yazdani Law boasts a team of highly experienced and recognized immigration attorneys, with a combined 45 years of expertise, including 13 years of experience at the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Notably, Managing Attorney Payam Yazdani is an esteemed member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, with over a decade of experience and numerous accolades, such as a 10/10 rating from Avvo, recognition as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers, and the Client’s Choice Award from Avvo.

Pros: The reviews resoundingly praise Yazdani Law for their professionalism, expertise in handling complex immigration cases, responsiveness in keeping clients informed, and successful track record in achieving positive outcomes. Numerous clients laud the firm’s high-quality legal services, efficient processes, and Attorney Payam Yazdani’s in-depth knowledge of immigration law.

Cons: A few reviews mention the firm’s fees being higher than expected.

Simakovsky Law

Simakovsky Law is an immigration law firm founded by Inna Simakovsky, who experienced the challenges of immigration firsthand as a refugee from the former Soviet Union. The firm boasts a team of dedicated attorneys who provide compassionate and comprehensive legal guidance to individuals and families navigating the complex immigration process.

Pros: Simakovsky Law receives high praise for their exceptional legal expertise, compassionate approach, and commitment to helping clients achieve their immigration goals. Clients commend the firm’s welcoming environment, individualized attention, and dedication to making the process as smooth as possible.

Cons: Some reviews mention issues with communication and responsiveness.

Brown Immigration Law

Brown Immigration Law is a reputable immigration law firm based in Columbus, Ohio, founded by Robert Brown, a former special agent and director with the Immigration and Naturalization Service. The firm’s team of experienced attorneys provides exceptional representation for a wide range of immigration matters, from employment-based visas and family reunification to asylum cases and deportation defense.

Pros: Brown Immigration Law receives high praise for its professional and knowledgeable attorneys who provide attentive service, guiding clients successfully through immigration processes. The firm’s commitment to addressing clients’ queries and delivering positive outcomes is widely commended.

Cons: An unprofessional and unwelcoming receptionist was mentioned by some reviewers as a negative experience.

Charles E. Smith Immigration Law Office

The Charles E. Smith Immigration Law Office is a firm solely dedicated to immigration law matters, serving clients throughout the Columbus metropolitan area and other parts of Ohio. With admission to practice in Ohio, Illinois, and federal courts, Smith focuses on family-based immigration, assisting individuals in obtaining visas for family members, as well as employment-based immigration for companies and foreign nationals with exceptional abilities, in addition to handling cases involving domestic violence, human trafficking, deportation defense, and citizenship.

Pros: Charles E. Smith Immigration Law Office receives praise for its affordability, professionalism, and commitment to achieving positive results for clients. Reviewers commend the knowledgeable attorney, responsive communication, and supportive staff.

Cons: The office’s negative sentiment arises from clients who noted that they felt unheard or experienced delays.

Shihab Burke, LLC, Attorneys at Law

Shihab Burke, LLC, Attorneys At Law is an immigration law firm dedicated to providing exceptional client service and achieving their clients’ U.S. immigration goals. With a team of experienced attorneys and a combined 70 years of immigration law experience, they offer comprehensive services for individuals, corporations, and families, handling a wide range of immigration matters, including various visas, naturalization, family-based immigration, labor certification, and more.

Pros: Shihab Burke, LLC receives overwhelmingly positive reviews for their outstanding legal services, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Clients consistently praise the firm’s deep understanding of immigration laws, meticulous attention to detail, and their ability to navigate complex cases with ease. The positive sentiment revolves around their prompt communication, timely updates, and transparent approach, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. They excel in providing exceptional legal expertise and personalized support throughout the entire process.

Cons: A small number of reviews indicate occasional delays in responses or lack of clarity in communication.

Rasoul Law Office

Rasoul Law Office provides comprehensive immigration legal services, offering quality and cost-effective representation for a wide range of immigration matters across the United States. The firm, led by Attorney Mazen Rasoul, has represented clients in hundreds of cases, including family petitions, green card applications, asylum applications, removal proceedings, investor visas, and student visas, with a commitment to innovative solutions and superior customer service.

Pros: Rasoul Law Office receives widespread praise for Mazen Rasoul’s professionalism, legal expertise, and his team’s responsiveness in guiding clients through immigration cases with clear communication and friendly support from staff like Walaa and Jennifer. Clients laud the seamless processes and helpful guidance they received.

Cons: One negative review expressed dissatisfaction with the service provided, claiming inadequate efforts for their particular case.

Askar Law Office, LLC

Over the past 16 years, Attorney Fatin S. Askar has specialized in immigration law, representing clients in deportation/removal proceedings, appeals, and matters before USCIS, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and federal courts. With a Bachelor’s degree from Youngstown State University and a Juris Doctor from Capital Law School, she is admitted to practice in California, Ohio, and various federal courts, and is a member of state bar associations and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Pros: The reviews overwhelmingly praise Fatin Askar’s professionalism, extensive knowledge of immigration law, and ability to navigate complex cases with attentive care and reasonable prices. Clients laud her compassionate approach, making them feel valued and supported throughout the process. Her client-focused nature and genuine concern for their wellbeing are consistently highlighted.

Cons: One review claims Askar struggled with a prior marriage case, stating she left them hanging after accepting payment.

Rodriguez Bell & DiFranco Law Office, LLC

Rodriguez Bell & DiFranco Law Office, LLC provides personalized and responsive legal representation for a wide range of immigration matters. With over 20 years of experience in the field, attorneys Jessica Rodriguez Bell and Brian DiFranco offer their expertise in family-based immigration, work-based immigration, deportation defense, and asylum cases, streamlining the process while keeping clients informed every step of the way.

Pros: Rodriguez Bell & DiFranco Law Office boasts knowledgeable and skilled immigration attorneys who are compassionate, personable, and treat clients like family. Clients rave about the lawyers’ expertise, responsiveness in addressing questions, and clear communication throughout the legal process. The attorneys’ genuine concern for clients’ well-being shines through.

Cons: Negative reviews mention occasional issues with unprofessional or unhelpful behavior from the front desk staff.

Flecha Law, Ltd.

Flecha Law is an immigration law firm that has extensive experience assisting individuals and families from around the world with various immigration matters. The attorneys have years of expertise in defending noncitizens from removal and deportation, reuniting families through family-based immigration services, helping people seek safety through the asylum process, and working with undocumented community members to obtain lawful immigration status, as well as handling humanitarian claims involving domestic violence, human trafficking, and persecution.

Pros: Flecha Law, Ltd. garners widespread praise for its exceptional professionalism, legal expertise, and supportive staff, with clients lauding the firm’s ability to navigate complex legal processes and achieve successful outcomes, particularly in immigration cases. The attorneysare commended for their responsiveness, attention to detail, and skill in explaining intricate legal matters in a clear and understandable manner.

Cons: One reviewer expressed dissatisfaction at their experience, but didn’t elaborate as to why.