We’ve found the best Dermatologists in Columbus, Ohio.

We know you have many options when seeking a Columbus dermatologist. We wanted to make the decision-making process easier by providing you with our list of the top dermatologists in Columbus. We compiled our list based on numerous trust factor ratings, including online reviews and doctors’ reputations. All lists are curated by our local experts!


Signature Dermatology

As the only headquartered dermatology practice in Hilliard, they have a brand new facility where they treat their patients with the most current medical treatments.

Pros: Signature Dermatology has received glowing reviews for its exceptional patient care, with many patients praising the attentive and knowledgeable doctors, particularly Dr. Cassandra and Dr. Costanza. The friendly and efficient staff ensures a smooth experience from check-in to check-out, while the practice maintains a high level of professionalism and timeliness, minimizing wait times for appointments. Patients appreciate the thorough explanations provided by the doctors, who take the time to listen to their concerns.

Cons: However, one patient reported a scheduling issue that resulted in a ‘no-show’ fee and their decision to leave the practice.


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Quillin Dermatology

At Quillin Dermatology, they specialize in medical and surgical dermatology in patients of all ages. Andrew Quillin is an expert in diagnosis and treatment of all hair, skin, and nails diseases.

Pros: Dr. Quillin of Quillin Dermatology is highly praised by patients for his expertise, thoroughness, and excellent bedside manner. He is described as kind, gentle, patient, and an attentive listener who takes the time to explain things clearly and answer questions, making patients feel comfortable. The friendly, helpful, and professional staff contribute to a positive experience, while the office runs efficiently with short wait times and prompt appointment scheduling.

Cons: Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, one reviewer reported initially having difficulty contacting the office, but claimed the issue was satisfactorily resolved.

Westerville Dermatology

Westerville Dermatology offers a blend of comprhensive preventative, medical and surgical treatments, and cosmetic dermatologic procedures for adults and children.

Pros: Westerville Dermatology boasts highly skilled and knowledgeable doctors, particularly Dr. Karikomi and Dr. Grosshandler, who are praised for their expertise, professionalism, and ability to clearly explain conditions and treatment options. Patients appreciate the friendly, courteous, and efficient staff who make them feel welcomed and well cared for throughout their visit. The office values punctuality and efficiency, resulting in short wait times and a smoothly run practice.

Cons: Despite generally exceptional reviews, one patient expressed concern about their medical history not being thoroughly reviewed, perceiving a focus on cosmetic procedures over their melanoma history.

Encore Dermatology

We are a patient-focused dermatology practice committed to helping you achieve optimal skin health through expert treatment and patient education.

Pros: Dr. Londeree and her staff at Encore Dermatology are highly praised for their excellent care, expertise, and ability to effectively diagnose and treat skin conditions. Patients appreciate the efficient and punctual service, with minimal wait times and a welcoming, friendly atmosphere that puts them at ease. The practice is commended for its professionalism and personable approach, with staff members like Kristen the PA receiving special recognition.

Cons: However, a few patients have expressed concerns about potential scarring after procedures, limited time with the doctor due to a tight schedule, and a focus on cosmetic treatments that may not appeal to those seeking purely medical dermatological care.

Eastside Dermatology

Eastside Dermatology has proudly been serving Columbus and all of Central Ohio’s Dermatology needs for over 35 years

Pros: Patients at Eastside Dermatology have praised the doctors, particularly Dr. Bogucki and Dr. Parks, for their knowledge, friendliness, and willingness to address concerns and explain treatments thoroughly. The nurses and staff are described as welcoming and providing a great energy, contributing to positive experiences for many patients. The practice is also commended for offering relatively quick appointments, often within a week or two, which is faster than many dermatology practices.

Cons: Inversely, several reviews have raised concerns about billing issues, including unexpected costs and challenges in resolving these matters.

Universal Dermatology & Vein Care

With Universal Dermatology & Vein Care, patients have 3 locations to choose from that provide cosmetic services as well as specialized care for skin conditions.

Pros: Patients at Universal Dermatology appreciate the friendly, professional, and knowledgeable staff, including Dr. Skandamis and the nurse practitioners, who provide excellent care and bedside manner. The office runs efficiently, with minimal wait times and the ability to secure appointments quickly. Many patients express satisfaction with the results of their treatments and procedures, particularly for issues like skin cancer, veins, and laser treatments.

Cons: Despite these positive aspects, several reviews have raised concerns about staff interactions, particularly at the front desk, with some patients feeling disrespected, rushed during appointments, or that their concerns were not fully addressed.

Forefront Dermatology

Forefront Dermatology consists of dermatologists, Mohs surgeons, and dermatopathologists for the purpose of caring for their patients.

Pros: Forefront Dermatology’s friendly and professional staff, including the front desk personnel and medical assistants, create a welcoming and efficient environment that puts patients at ease. The doctors, particularly Dr. Dobkin, are praised for their knowledge, thoroughness during exams, and good bedside manner. The office is clean, easy to find, and often able to accommodate patients with relatively quick appointments.

Cons: Some patients noted concerns about inadequate doctor communication, insufficient follow-up care, and billing issues related to insurance coverage and fees.

Ohio Dermatology Center

Ohio Dermatology Center offers immedidate diagnosis and treatment for all dermatological conditions as well as cosmetic dermatology services in comfortable offices.

Pros: Dr. Ravitskiy of Ohio Dermatology Center is highly praised by patients for her expertise, thoroughness, clear communication, caring attitude, and ability to put them at ease, with many describing her as wonderful, amazing, and the best dermatologist they’ve encountered. The friendly and helpful staff, including nurses and receptionists, consistently provide excellent service and contribute to the practice’s high-quality care and successful treatments for various skin conditions and procedures. The practice is commended for its effective skin cancer removal and reconstructive surgery.

Cons: Some patients experienced challenges with billing and insurance, and a few reviews noted long wait times, with one mentioning a 45-minute delay without explanation.

Buckey Dermatology

At Buckey Dermatology you can expect diagnosis and treatment of dermatologic conditions such as moles and skin cancer treatment as well as offering procedures such as laser hair removal, botox, and dermal fillers.

Pros: Patients at Buckeye Dermatology praise the doctors, particularly Dr. Carlson, Dr. Fabbro, and Dr. Hearne, for their knowledge, patience, friendliness, and willingness to listen to concerns and explain treatments thoroughly. Many reviewers appreciate the short wait times and prompt appointments, while the staff and nurses are generally described as friendly, caring, and professional. The practice is commended for providing a positive overall experience for a majority of patients.

Cons: Some patients reported long waits, overcrowding, rushed appointments, poor staff service, treatment complications, and dismissed concerns.

Dermatology of Central Ohio

Dermatology of Central Ohio can conduct annual screenings as well as treat your skin concerns.

Pros: Patients at Dermatology of Central Ohio appreciate the friendly, caring, and highly professional staff, including the doctors, physician assistants, nurses, and front desk personnel. The doctors, particularly Dr. Holsinger, are commended for their thoroughness during examinations, attentiveness to patient concerns, and extensive knowledge in dermatology. Many reviewers praise the practice for its efficient and timely service, with minimal wait times and prompt appointments.

Cons: A few patients expressed feeling rushed and perceived a lack of attention to their concerns during brief visits.

The Center for Surgical Dermatology & Dermatology Associates

The Center for Surgical Dermatology & Dermatology Associates is a major skin cancer referral center that provides Mohs surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Pros: Patients at The Center for Surgical Dermatology & Dermatology Associates praise the highly skilled and knowledgeable doctors and providers for their expertise, thoroughness, and attentiveness, ensuring excellent care and clear explanations. The friendly and caring staff, including receptionists, nurses, and other team members, create a welcoming environment where patients feel valued. Many reviewers appreciate the practice’s efficiency, with short wait times, punctual appointments, and smooth processes.

Cons: A few reviews noted challenges scheduling appointments by phone, having to leave messages during office hours.

Columbus Downtown Derm

Dr. Shari Hicks-Graham is a board-certified Columbus dermatologist who loves helping children, teenagers and adults take better care of their skin.

Pros: Columbus Downtown Dermatology receives high praise for the professionalism, knowledge, and bedside manner of Dr. Hicks-Graham and her team, who are described as caring, attentive, and providing high-quality care. Patients report great results for both medical and cosmetic treatments, including acne treatment, skin cancer removal, laser treatments, and facials. The office is commended for its modern, clean, and spa-like environment, ample parking, and efficient appointment scheduling.

Cons: A few reviews noted occasionally longer than expected wait times.