List of Top 5 Columbus Accountants

We found the best Accountants in Columbus, Ohio.

We determined the top accountants in Columbus so you can find the right accountant for your financial needs.


Siebert & Associates, CPAs

Siebert & Associates, CPAs specializes in providing financial management solutions for veterinarians, dentists, and doctors. They offer comprehensive services including bookkeeping, cash flow management, tax planning strategies to reduce tax burdens, and personalized tax planning for practice owners to increase and protect wealth. With exceptional service and solid accounting and tax planning experience, Siebert & Associates aims to understand each client’s unique requirements and financial goals.

Pros: Siebert & Associates, CPAs excels in providing exceptional customer service, with clients praising their friendly, responsive, and thorough communication throughout the tax preparation process. The firm’s knowledgeable and professional staff consistently deliver accurate tax services, fostering long-standing relationships and loyalty from numerous clients spanning over a decade.

Cons: Negative reviews mention instances of delayed processing, lack of communication, and unexpectedly high fees.


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BBI Accounting

BBI Accounting provides accounting services and financial consulting to small businesses and individuals. They offer a range of services including income tax preparation, QuickBooks training and consulting, bookkeeping, and assistance with tax reporting obligations. BBI aims to empower small business owners by identifying key issues, implementing best practices, and developing skills for long-term success.

Pros: BBI Accounting boasts a knowledgeable and professional team lauded for their expertise in tax laws, meticulous approach, and ability to explain complex matters with clarity. Clients rave about the excellent customer service, responsiveness, and the trustworthy, ethical manner in which their accounting needs are handled. The firm’s dedication to personalized attention and commitment to client success are paramount.

Cons: A lack of timely responses to potential new clients has been noted by some reviewers.

JC TaxPros Group

JC TaxPros Group is an accounting firm with a team of certified public accountants, accounting professionals, and HR/payroll specialists who bring over 40 years of combined experience in finance, accounting, and HR/payroll. They offer a wide range of services including tax planning strategies, tax preparation for businesses and individuals, IRS tax issue resolution, and consulting on state, local, and international tax matters. With a client-focused, solution-oriented approach, JC TaxPros Group aims to understand each client’s unique financial issues and implement practical solutions to help manage money and grow their business.

Pros: JC TaxPros Group garners widespread praise for its professionalism, expertise in handling complex tax matters, responsiveness to client needs, and excellent value. Clients laud the team’s attentiveness, depth of knowledge, and ability to provide high-quality services at fair prices.

Cons: Some negative reviewers critiqued poor communication from specific employees.

Scribe CPAs

Scribe CPA is an accounting and consulting firm focused on providing personalized services and practical solutions to optimize client profitability. Led by Joseph E. Ferri, CPA, a profit expert for small businesses, the firm takes a comprehensive approach that goes beyond traditional accounting and bookkeeping. Scribe CPA evaluates all aspects of a client’s business, from entity structure and tax planning to budgeting and profit analysis, to help extract maximum value.

Pros: Scribe CPAs garners high praise for its knowledgeable and professional team, adept at navigating complex tax laws while providing exceptional customer service with prompt responses and clear communication. Clients laud the company’s efficiency, commending the timely completion of tax returns and services.

Cons: A lack of specific negative feedback may may it hard for potential clients to adequately asses the firm beforehand.

Greyson Tax & Consulting

Greyson Tax & Consulting prides itself on providing outstanding service through its dedication to professionalism, responsiveness, and quality. As one of the leading firms in the area, they offer close personal and professional attention from their experienced and specialized staff. Their commitment to high standards, insightful advice, and continual professional education allows them to deliver excellent service and enable clients to make informed financial decisions.

Pros: The reviews overwhelmingly laud Greyson Tax & Consulting for their unparalleled expertise in navigating complex tax situations, commendable responsiveness that keeps clients well-informed, and personalized approach to developing tailored strategies for maximizing legal tax savings. Their ability to transform complicated returns into easily understood filings while finding overlooked opportunities for clients consistently earns high praise.

Cons The reviews provide scant details about the firm’s pricing model or service scope beyond tax-related offerings.