We've found the best Eye Surgeons in Columbus, Ohio.

We wanted to help you find the most trusted opthomologists in Columbus. Based on our local knowledge of Central Ohio, we compiled a list of top tiered eye doctors, so you can choose the best one. Selecting the right ophthalmologist is vital for your eye health. We compiled our list based on numerous trust factor ratings, including online reviews and reputation of doctors, to name a few.


Dr. Stephen N. Joffe

LasikPlus specializes in photorefractive keratectomy and LASIK with over 2 million LASIK procedures performed by their surgeons.

Columbus Laser & Cataract Center

Columbus Laser & Cataract Center deliver clear vision through LASIK, Advanced Surface Treatment, cataract removal, and LipiFlow for dry eye.

The Lasik Vision Institute

The Lasik Vision Institute is a nationwide vision center that offers many Lasik services while also coming up with an affordable plan for your budget.

Vision Professionals-Worthington Hills

Dr. Christopher Smiley

Vision Professionals is an Ohio based business that can conduct eye exams, specialty contact lens fittings, or prescription eyeglasses.

Complete EyeCare West

Dr. Jeff Hutchison

At Complete EyeCare West, they provide help with all your eye care needs including medical, surgical, and optical.

Columbus Eye Surgery Center

Dr. Robert Bruce, Dr. Richard Orlando, and Dr. Robin Beran

As the first free standing surgical center dedicated to eye in the state of Ohio, they offer many different surgeries and treatments to get your eyes back on the right track.

Arena Eye Surgeons

Arena Eye Surgeons are specialists in LASIK, cataract, glaucoma, and corneal treatments in central Ohio.

Northwest Eye Surgeons

Spencer Michael

Northwest Eye Surgeons offer comprehensive vision exams, cataract exams, glaucoma treatment, LASIK, eye stent, eye implants, and much more.

Ophthalmic Surgeons and Consultants of Ohio

Ophthalmic Surgeons & Consultants of Ohio offer a variety of eye treatment services including LASIK, cataract surgery, dry eye treatment, and more.

Columbus Ophthalmology Associates

Dr. Richard Orlando

At Columbus Ophthalmology Associates, they offer treatment for complex eye conditions, vision correction surgery, dry eye treatment, and many more services for their patients.

Eye Surgeons in Columbus: Finding the Right One for You

As you look for an eye surgeon in Columbus, it’s often complex and difficult to choose one who meets your specific needs. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to make a decision. However, by considering the following factors, you can find a top-rated eye surgeon in Columbus who will provide high-quality care.

Looking for a Columbus Eye Surgeon’s Qualifications

The first factor to consider when choosing an eye surgeon is their experience and qualifications. Look for a surgeon who is board-certified and has experience in the specific procedure you need. You can also look for long-standing practices with a history of quality, and accomplished and decorated surgeons in their field.

Our ranking provides a great place to narrow your search, but you can also ask for referrals from your primary care physician or friends and family members who have had similar procedures.

Services Offered by Columbus Eye Surgeons

It’s also important to find an eye surgeon in Columbus who offers the range of services that align with what you’re looking for. Some of the most common services provided by top-rated eye surgeons in Columbus include:

  • Cataract surgery: Cataract surgery is a procedure that involves removing the cloudy lens from the eye and replacing it with an artificial one.
  • LASIK surgery: LASIK surgery is a procedure that uses a laser to reshape the cornea, improving vision for those with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.
  • Glaucoma treatment: Glaucoma is a condition that causes damage to the optic nerve, leading to vision loss. Treatment options may include eye drops, medication, or surgery.
  • Retina surgery: Retina surgery is a procedure that repairs damage to the retina, which is the part of the eye responsible for sending visual signals to the brain.

Location and Accessibility

Consider the location and accessibility of the eye surgeon’s office when making your decision. Look for an office that is easily accessible and convenient for you, whether you prefer a location close to home or work. Also, consider whether the office hours work with your schedule.


Finally, consider the cost of the procedure and whether it fits within your budget. Look for an eye surgeon who accepts your insurance, and ask about financing options if necessary. If your insurance won’t cover eye surgery, you can look for eye surgeons in Columbus that may offer cash payment discounts.

Ohio’s High-Ranking Ophthalmology Residency Programs

Ohio is home to several renowned medical schools and specialty clinics that provide opportunities for medical professionals to receive specialized training. Two such locations in Ohio include the ophthalmology residency program at The Ohio State University College of Medicine here in Columbus and the ophthalmology residency training program at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

Both programs, along with many other ophthalmology programs in Columbus and throughout the state, produce high-quality medical professionals who often remain in Ohio and provide high-quality care to our residents after completing their education as their careers and personal lives flourish.

Why the Best Eye Surgeons Come to Columbus

Columbus offers a thriving job market, low cost of living, ample growth potential, and a thriving cultural, arts and entertainment scene to professionals in any field.

The cost of living index in Columbus is 86.4, which is lower than the national average of 100. Housing in Columbus has a median home price of $227,500, which remains very low for a city of Columbus’ size, despite land values increasing rapidly in recent years. Additionally, Columbus has a low unemployment rate of 3.7%, lower than the national average of 6.0%.

Columbus also boasts incredible recreational facilities and Metro Parks, ideal for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle! 

Enjoy Your Search!

When it comes to finding a qualified eye surgeon in Columbus, there is plenty of quality to choose from. Your choice often comes down to picking between “great” and “even better,” so we hope you enjoy your search and have confidence in your choice.

By taking these factors into account and considering the services, experience, and accessibility of these qualified eye surgeons in Columbus, you can find a top-rated surgeon who will provide the care you need to improve your vision and enhance your quality of life.