We've found the best Eye Surgeons in Columbus, Ohio.

There are many great eye surgeons in Columbus to choose from. We determined the top surgeons in Central Ohio so you can find the right care for your needs.


Dr. Stephen N. Joffe

5.0 | 2487 Reviews

LasikPlus specializes in photorefractive keratectomy and LASIK with over 2 million LASIK procedures performed by their surgeons.

Columbus Laser & Cataract Center

5.0 | 215 Reviews

Columbus Laser & Cataract Center deliver clear vision through LASIK, Advanced Surface Treatment, cataract removal, and LipiFlow for dry eye.

The Lasik Vision Institute

5.0 | 252 Reviews

The Lasik Vision Institute is a nationwide vision center that offers many Lasik services while also coming up with an affordable plan for your budget.

Vision Professionals-Worthington Hills

Dr. Christopher Smiley

5.0 | 129 Reviews

Vision Professionals is an Ohio based business that can conduct eye exams, specialty contact lens fittings, or prescription eyeglasses.

Complete EyeCare West

Dr. Jeff Hutchison

5.0 | 166 Reviews

At Complete EyeCare West, they provide help with all your eye care needs including medical, surgical, and optical.

Columbus Eye Surgery Center

Dr. Robert Bruce, Dr. Richard Orlando, and Dr. Robin Beran

5.0 | 4 Reviews

As the first free standing surgical center dedicated to eye in the state of Ohio, they offer many different surgeries and treatments to get your eyes back on the right track.

Arena Eye Surgeons

5.0 | 53 Reviews

Arena Eye Surgeons are specialists in LASIK, cataract, glaucoma, and corneal treatments in central Ohio.

Northwest Eye Surgeons

Spencer Michael

5.0 | 30 Reviews

Northwest Eye Surgeons offer comprehensive vision exams, cataract exams, glaucoma treatment, LASIK, eye stent, eye implants, and much more.

Ophthalmic Surgeons and Consultants of Ohio

5.0 | 8 Reviews

Ophthalmic Surgeons & Consultants of Ohio offer a variety of eye treatment services including LASIK, cataract surgery, dry eye treatment, and more.

Columbus Ophthalmology Associates

Dr. Richard Orlando

5.0 | 110 Reviews

At Columbus Ophthalmology Associates, they offer treatment for complex eye conditions, vision correction surgery, dry eye treatment, and many more services for their patients.