List of Top 7 Estate Planning Attorneys

We found the best Estate Lawyers in Columbus, Ohio.

We determined the top estate lawyers in Columbus so you can find the atttorney for your needs.


Thomas Taneff Co., LPA

Taneff Law provides comprehensive estate planning services, helping clients create wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other legal documents to ensure their assets are distributed according to their wishes after death. The firm’s team of experienced attorneys, including a former probate court magistrate, guides clients through the estate planning process, considering tax implications and the need for periodic updates as life circumstances change.

Pros: Thomas Taneff Co., LPA garners significant praise for their professionalism, compassion, and responsiveness, with clients lauding the firm’s extensive legal expertise, personalized attention, and clear communication throughout complex matters like estate planning, probate, and adoptions. Many reviews depict Taneff and his team as caring, treating clients like family while deftly guiding them, and remaining available around the clock to address any concerns.

Cons: Some negative reviews mention an unprofessional demeanor exhibted by some at the firm.


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Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law Firm, LLC

Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law Firm, LLC is a minority-owned law firm based in Central Ohio that provides exceptional legal services in wills, estate planning, trust planning, powers of attorney, and probate law, including guardianship matters. Founded in 2015 by Philip A. King and certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), the firm prides itself on delivering gold-standard service and integrity to clients in the region and beyond.

Pros: Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law Firm, LLC garners widespread acclaim for its professionalism, expertise, and compassionate support, with clients lauding Attorney Philip King and his team’s thorough guidance through complex estate planning and probate matters, exemplary communication, and genuine care during difficult times. The firm’s ability to provide reassurance and keep clients well-informed throughout the legal process is consistently highlighted.

Cons: One reviewer alleges an unpleasant experience involving unprofessional behavior from someone at the firm, though the firm notes having no record of this client.

Charles Bendig Law - Estate Attorney

With over four decades of experience in the legal realm, Charles Bendig, Esq. has become synonymous with professionalism and compassion in Columbus, Ohio. Specializing in family law, estate planning, and personal injury cases, Bendig brings not only extensive legal expertise but also a heartfelt approach, tailoring solutions to each client’s unique story and ensuring a personalized journey rooted in empathy and trust.

Pros: Charles Bendig Law receives widespread praise for Charles Bendig’s professionalism, legal expertise, and ability to clarify complex matters with patience and care. Clients laud his responsiveness, dedication to addressing their needs, and the high level of satisfaction they experience, leading many to highly recommend his services.

Cons: Some negative reviews allege unprofessional behavior at times, though this is disputed by the firm.

KJK: Gregory L. Williams, Jr., Esq., Partner

As a partner at KJK, Gregory L. Williams has built a career driven by his passion for critical thinking, defending those in need, and helping others. With significant experience providing legal counsel to businesses, families, and individuals across various areas like criminal matters, corporate transactions, estate planning, and probate, Williams brings a unique perspective that allows him to effectively guide clients through any legal issue while upholding his values of cherishing family, loved ones, and improving local communities.

Pros: The reviews overwhelmingly highlight Gregory L. Williams’ expertise, thoroughness, and commitment to ensuring clients receive quality legal counsel and favorable outcomes. Clients praise the friendly, patient, and professional service provided by Williams and his staff in handling matters like estate planning, probate, and business formation. The firm’s ability to clearly explain complex legal processes and ensure client comfort is consistently lauded.

Cons: One reviewer noted a lack of responsiveness in their experience.

Golowin Legal - Wills Trusts Elder Law

Golowin Legal takes a unique approach to estate planning, offering services tailored to clients’ needs, whether they are new parents requiring basic documents like wills and guardianship nominations or individuals transitioning to assisted living facilities or nursing homes who need more specialized elder law guidance. The firm’s comprehensive offerings and personalized consultations ensure clients receive the right support for their specific life stage and circumstances.

Pros: The reviews overwhelmingly praise Russell Golowin’s exceptional legal expertise, thoroughness in explaining complex estate planning matters, and patient, attentive service that ensures clients feel comfortable throughout the process. Clients laud Golowin’s ability to make estate planning efficient and stress-free through his convenient and well-organized approach.

Cons: One reviewer noted an instance of lack of responsiveness in returning calls.

ALH Law Group

ALH Law Group recognizes the deeply personal nature of estate planning and provides a welcoming environment for individuals to accurately define their families and partnerships. The firm guides clients through essential aspects like asset distribution, beneficiary selection, and tax planning to avoid future disputes and reduce burdens on loved ones.

Pros: The reviews resoundingly praise ALH Law Group for their professionalism, expertise across various legal domains, and exceptional client service characterized by responsiveness, clear communication, and a personalized approach that makes clients feel valued.

Cons: Negative sentiment is limited, with only a few unfavorable reviews lacking explicit criticism.

Rathburn & Associates

Rathburn & Associates prides itself on being a trusted advisor for clients navigating major life changes and securing their family’s future through estate planning services. The firm emphasizes simplicity, transparency, and providing genuine value by helping clients understand their situation, set reasonable expectations, and achieve cost-effective, positive outcomes aligned with their goals.

Pros: The reviews resoundingly praise Rathburn & Associates for their exceptional legal knowledge, compassionate approach, and professionalism in handling complex matters, especially estate planning and probate cases. Clients deeply appreciate the firm’s attentive guidance, understanding, and responsiveness throughout difficult processes.

Cons: One reviewer mentions their office being not centrally located downtown, which may be a drawback to some.