List of Top 7 Columbus Security Service Companies

We found the best Security Service Companies in Columbus, Ohio.

We determined the top security service companies in Columbus so you can find the right security team for your safety needs.



Sahara Global claims to cultivate a positive and collaborative team environment among its private security officers, emphasizing communication, coordination, and sharing ideas. The company asserts that its private investigators possess essential skills like attentiveness, discretion, and tenacity, and are adept at leveraging online resources and cyber investigative techniques.

Pros: Sahara Global Security garners widespread praise for its professionalism, responsiveness, and exceptional service delivered by a well-trained team with backgrounds in military and law enforcement. Customers and employees alike commend the company’s management for fostering a positive culture, offering growth opportunities, and demonstrating flexibility to meet clients’ needs.
Cons: The negative sentiment expressed in reviews revolves around allegations of management disrespecting employees.


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Ohio Support Services Corporation

Ohio Support Services (OSS) emphasizes the importance of strong relationships with its customers, a philosophy it has maintained for over 40 years. The company attributes its growth into one of the largest providers of quality guard services in Ohio to factors such as hiring quality personnel, providing practical training, executing a rigid quality assurance program, and prioritizing customer relationships. OSS was founded in 1978 in Columbus, with ownership and management based locally to support all operations in the Ohio area.

Pros: Ohio Support Services Corporation garners praise for its friendly and attentive management team, fostering a professional yet welcoming atmosphere that makes employees feel at home. Reviews commend the company’s exceptional service, highlighting it as a great place to work that stands out favorably against competitors in the security industry.
Cons: Low pay rates and limited job opportunities available emerge as a point of criticism in reviews.

Patriot Protection Services

Patriot Protection Service advertises itself as a security provider offering asset protection, incident reporting, and personnel safety services. The company provides armed and unarmed guard services, mobile patrol, tactical response division, fingerprinting, and a 20-hour OPOTA private security firearms certification course.

Pros: Patriot Protection Services shines through its professionalism, quality service, and responsive staff who prioritize customer needs, creating a caring, family-like environment led by supportive management. Customers rave about the friendly guards, quick response times, and value received.
Cons: The owner’s defensive and unprofessional responses to some negative reviews raise concerns.

American Services and Protection, LLC

American Services and Protection, LLC claims to go “Above and Beyond” in providing customized security solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs. With nearly two decades of experience, the company offers a wide range of services including armed and unarmed guard protection, surveillance equipment, alarm systems, law enforcement gear, and personal safety products. American Services and Protection states that it serves various clients such as businesses, governments, construction sites, schools, residential communities, and more, with a commitment to efficient and effective security integration.

Pros: American Services and Protection is praised by some for its professionalism, accommodating nature during employee illnesses or crises, responsive and friendly human resources department, and giving opportunities to ex-felons when other companies may not. Reviewers commend the company’s willingness to work with employees on time off requests and highlight its godly, friendly environment.
Cons: The negative reviews criticize poor management, lack of training, low pay, inconsistent hours and lack of benefits.

Highland Protection, LLC

Highland Protection, LLC, a woman and minority-owned security company established in 2020, claims to offer security services that exceed industry standards in Ohio. The company provides armed and unarmed security solutions, with highly trained officers equipped with the latest technology and tools to handle various situations, including active shooters, robberies, and high-risk incidents. Highland Protection states that it offers customized security solutions, such as access control, alarm response, fire watch, and mobile patrols, tailored to meet the specific needs of each client’s business.

Pros: Highland Protection, LLC receives widespread praise for its highly skilled and dedicated team of security professionals who go above and beyond to ensure exceptional service and create a secure environment for clients. Customers and employees alike commend the company’s professionalism, welcoming atmosphere, and rewarding work experience.
Cons: One reviewer claiming to be a former employee alleges mistreatment in their review.

Garver Asset Protection LLC

Garver Asset Protection and Investigations, LLC, founded by Nick Garver, an experienced Ohio police chief, is a professional and rapidly growing security and private investigation company in Ohio. With a focus on providing first-class service to a select client base, Garver has built a strong reputation by employing insured and highly credentialed staff, including licensed private investigators, certified security guards, peace officers, emergency medical technicians, fire safety inspectors, and personnel trained in crisis intervention, hazardous materials operations, and counter-drug operations.

Pros: Garver Asset Protection LLC garners praise for its professionalism, reliability, and quality services, with customers commending the dedicated officers who ensure safety and meet their needs. Former employees speak positively about steady hours, competitive pay, and growth opportunities within the company.
Cons: Negative reviews criticize poor management, lack of proper training and communication, and difficulties obtaining final paychecks.

ANCHOR Security and Logistics

Anchor Security and Logistics, located in Columbus, Ohio, offers a comprehensive range of security services, including armed and unarmed guards, marked patrol vehicles with GPS tracking and daily reporting, 24/7 dispatch line, mobile patrols, perimeter and access control, fire watch and alarm response, as well as criminal background screening services and training programs for security professionals. The company caters to various industries, such as manufacturing facilities, construction sites, retail establishments, office buildings, commercial real estate, residential communities, hotels, dining establishments, and parking areas.

Pros: Reviewers praise Anchor Security and Logistics for offering competitive pay rates compared to other security companies, accommodating scheduling requests and time off, and providing opportunities for certifications and training. The company garners appreciation for being professional, helpful, and making clients feel safe.
Cons: A lack of professionalism and poor communication from upper management emerges as a drawback in some reviews.