List of Top 8 Columbus Private Schools

We found the best Private Schools in Columbus, Ohio.

We determined the top private schools in Columbus so you can find the right school for your child. This is a huge decision, so we’re here to help remove the guesswork. We compiled our list based on numerous¬†trust factor ratings, including online reviews and reputation. All lists are curated by our local experts!


Columbus Academy

Columbus Academy is a renowned independent school that has embodied the country day school educational model since its founding in 1911. Committed to the holistic development of young scholars, athletes, and artists, the school prioritizes diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice as essential measures of excellence. Visitors can witness the school’s innovative teaching approaches and interconnected learning spaces that foster a dynamic and engaging educational experience.

Pros: Columbus Academy provides a strong educational focus on developing independent and self-initiated learning skills in students. The facilities are clean and well-maintained, with a nice cafeteria offering good food. The school environment and gym are described as beautiful.
Cons: One reviewer claimed to have a negative experience with the Academy Summer Experience Staff, noting poor communication.


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The Wellington School

The Wellington School offers an immersive international student experience, with summer programs and a curriculum that supports students’ academic, social, and emotional growth from prekindergarten through high school. The school’s comprehensive approach helps students discover their passions, build a strong academic foundation, and prepare for the next steps in their education.

Pros: The Wellington School is widely praised for its warm and caring community, innovative and individualized approach to learning that maximizes students’ potential, and an engaging curriculum that fosters a love for learning. Multiple reviews commend the school’s supportive environment, challenging yet nurturing teaching methods, and its commitment to preparing students for the demands of the modern world.
Cons: The lack of specific criticisms or areas for improvement stands out as a potential drawback based on the available reviews.

Columbus School for Girls

Columbus School for Girls is an all-girls, college-preparatory institution in central Ohio that has been empowering students since 1898. With a diverse student body and faculty, the school is committed to fostering an equitable, inclusive, and safe community where students can discover their potential as learners and leaders.

Pros: The reviews highlight several positive aspects about the facility, including an impressive pool area with amenities like speakers, TVs, digital clocks, equipment like bungee cords, paddles, fins, and pull buoys across 8 lanes. The new building is described as great, with good ventilation, an easy entry/exit, handicap accessibility, and a convenient waiting area. Additionally, one review praises a program as being incredibly helpful for developing valuable life skills in young women.
Cons: The cold water temperature of the pool is mentioned as a negative point.

St. Charles Preparatory School

St. Charles Preparatory School is a Catholic all-boys school in Central Ohio that has been providing a transformative educational experience for nearly a century. Committed to developing leaders who embody the values of faith, service, and excellence, the school’s experienced faculty and state-of-the-art facilities work together to nurture the mind, body, and spirit of each student, empowering them to realize their full potential and positively impact their communities.

Pros: St. Charles Preparatory School is widely praised for its excellent academic curriculum, fostering a strong sense of brotherhood and community among students, and its commitment to developing well-rounded individuals with strong values and character. The school’s classical education approach and consistent experiences create a fraternity-like atmosphere that shapes boys into good men.
Cons: Some reviewers claim the workload is heavy, demanding significant academic effort from students.

Worthington Christian School

Worthington Christian School is a leading provider of Christian education in central Ohio, offering a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum from kindergarten through 12th grade. The school’s mission is to develop students’ Christ-like character and nurture their intellectual, creative, and physical growth, cultivating a love for learning, truth, and wisdom that reflects God’s kingdom.

Pros: Worthington Christian School seems to foster a welcoming atmosphere, with reviews praising the kindness of the students and the dedication of the staff members. The school’s ability to produce accomplished alumni like the members of Twenty One Pilots further speaks to its positive impact. One reviewer even expressed fond nostalgia for their time at the institution.
Cons: Some students may be excluded from enrollment, as noted in one review.

Clintonville Academy

Clintonville Academy is an independent pre-K through 8th grade private school in Clintonville, Ohio, that provides a challenging curriculum, fosters character and citizenship, and offers individualized attention to students. The school’s community-oriented approach emphasizes whole-child development, with a hands-on approach to learning, a healthy social environment, and reasonable costs, making it an attractive option for families seeking a high-quality private education.

Pros: Clintonville Academy shines with its nurturing environment, dedicated teachers who provide individualized attention to each student, and a strong emphasis on parental involvement that fosters a positive community culture. The small class sizes allow for personalized learning and academic growth.
Cons: A potential downside surfaces in limited social opportunities for students.

All Saints Academy

All Saints Academy is a Catholic school that provides a Christ-centered education, empowering students to become active stewards of their community and the world. The school’s beliefs emphasize the inherent goodness of each student, the importance of developing confident, moral, and lifelong learners, and the value of cultivating a school culture built on teamwork, positive relationships, and mutual respect.

Pros: All Saints Academy receives glowing praise for its nurturing teachers and staff who create a supportive, family-like environment for students. The principal’s exceptional leadership is commended, contributing to a positive school culture. Additionally, the school’s events and fundraisers foster a strong sense of community engagement.
Cons: A lack of communication regarding students’ academic progress is an area that could be improved upon.

Madison Christian School

Madison Christian School is a private, Christian school that has served the Groveport community for over 40 years, providing a Christ-centered, classical education and nurturing the spiritual, academic, emotional, social, and physical development of students. The school’s mission is to partner with parents and churches to equip students to become strong Christian leaders, guided by its core values of prayer, love, unity, adherence to God’s Word, family-focused ministry, evangelism and discipleship, excellence, and service.

Pros: The reviews suggest Madison Christian School fosters a caring, supportive environment where students can form lasting friendships. Attending the school seems to create fond memories of overcoming struggles together and experiencing kindness. Many look back positively on their time at Madison Christian School.
Cons: One review expressed uncertainty about the school.