List of Top 8 Columbus Primary Care Physicians

We found the best Primary Care Physicans in Columbus, Ohio.

We determined the top primary care physicans in Columbus so you can find the right primary care doctor for your needs.


Central Ohio Medicine

Central Ohio Medicine provides exceptional care in a welcoming environment. Their skilled staff is dedicated to helping you maintain your physical wellness. They remain commited to serving their community with a smile.

Pros: Central Ohio Primary Care receives glowing reviews for its caring, attentive doctors who take the time to listen to patients’ concerns and develop strong doctor-patient relationships. The practice is lauded for its excellent bedside manner, thorough explanations, and a friendly, efficient staff that contributes to a positive overall experience. Patients feel their health is in capable hands and have great confidence in the physicians’ expertise.

Cons: A few reviewers mentioned issues with the billing department, despite being satisfied with the medical care provided by the doctors.


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Five Points Physicians

Five Points Physicians is committed to providing individualized, comprehensive medical care to patients of all ages, from newborns to the elderly. They prioritize building strong relationships with patients as they guide them through healthcare decisions, aiming to provide the highest quality of care for every family member.

Pros: The reviews overwhelmingly praise Five Points Physicians for their attentive, caring doctors who listen intently, provide personalized care, and thoroughly explain conditions and treatments. Patients laud the friendly, welcoming staff and the doctors’ excellent bedside manner, making them feel comfortable to openly discuss their concerns. The practice’s knowledgeable physicians are commended for their expertise and ability to provide well-informed, high-quality care tailored to individual needs.

Cons: New patients may encounter difficulties securing appointments due to the practice’s popularity.

Main Street Primary Care

Main Street Primary Care has been serving Columbus since the 1980s. The practice is honored to have many dedicated patients, as well as many fresh faces, come to them as they aim to continue providing quality care that all their patients can rely on.

Pros: Main Street Primary Care receives glowing reviews for their attentive and caring doctors who thoroughly listen to patients’ concerns, explain diagnoses clearly, and develop tailored treatment plans. Patients rave about the friendly, professional staff providing excellent customer service and the practice’s efficiency with short wait times and easy appointment scheduling.

Cons: A strict policy around missed appointments leading to potential denial of service stands out as an area of criticism in a few reviews.

Family Medicine North

Family Medicine North provides comprehensive care for the whole family from highly experienced physicians. Their patient-centered approach ensures each person receives individualized attention and treatment plans tailored to their unique needs. With convenient locations and a commitment to building long-lasting doctor-patient relationships, Family Medicine North is an excellent choice for top-quality healthcare.

Pros: Family Medicine North receives glowing reviews for its excellent physicians who are praised as knowledgeable, caring professionals that take the time to thoroughly address patients’ concerns. The practice is commended for its friendly, efficient staff that creates a welcoming environment and fosters long-standing relationships built on trust and satisfaction over decades.

Cons: A few negative reviews mention lapses in communication, such as delayed test results and difficulties with prescription refills.

Keystone Primary Care

Keystone Primary Care aims to provide patient-centered communication, follow evidence-based guidelines, and view each patient holistically beyond just an office visit. Patients are expected to be active participants by following recommendations, communicating openly, managing chronic conditions, and maintaining appointments with their primary physician to build a lasting doctor-patient relationship.

Pros: Keystone Primary Care shines through its exceptional providers who are consistently praised for their compassionate approach, active listening skills, and dedication to delivering personalized, high-quality care that prioritizes overall wellness. Patients rave about the warm, welcoming environment created by the friendly staff, from front desk to nurses. The practice’s thoroughness, expertise, and patient-centric philosophy garner widespread acclaim.

Cons: A few reviews point to potential issues with scheduling, communication, and medication refill responsiveness.

Provider Physicians North

Provider Physicians North provides high-quality, individualized medical care from physicians who strive to be partners in treatment decisions. This practice encourages patient participation, offers convenient access to on-site labs and imaging, and makes every effort to accommodate same-day appointments for ill patients.

Pros: Provider Physicians North receives glowing reviews for its caring and attentive doctors who thoroughly address patients’ concerns. The office is commended for its efficiency, short wait times, friendly staff, and the convenience of on-site lab and imaging services. Notably, many reviewers highlight being long-standing patients for over a decade, underscoring the trust and satisfaction with the care received.

Cons: One negative point raised is potential issues with insurance acceptance and inconsistencies in how new patient inquiries are handled by the front office staff.

Reynoldsburg Family Medicine

Stonegate Medical Associates offers patient-centered healthcare supported by comprehensive treatment plans and education to improve overall health. As a COPC practice, they offer access to state-of-the-art labs, cardiac testing, radiology, and physical therapy through the physician-owned group.

Pros: Reynoldsburg Family Medicine shines with its caring and attentive doctors who have cultivated long-standing relationships built on trust with patients over decades. The practice boasts friendly, professional staff who contribute to an overall positive experience.

Cons: Scheduling conflicts and communication lapses regarding paperwork prove challenging at times.

Fairway Family Physicians

Fairway Family Physicians is a group of board-certified physicians specializing in preventive medicine and disease management for families. As part of the large Central Ohio Primary Care physician network, they provide comprehensive care supported by COPC’s state-of-the-art labs, cardiac testing centers, radiology, and physical therapy, focusing on patient-centered treatment plans and education.

Pros: Fairway Family Physicians shines with caring, attentive doctors who take the time to listen to patients’ concerns and provide personalized treatment plans. Reviewers rave about the practice’s friendly, professional staff and the ability to secure timely appointments with short wait times.

Cons: Unprofessional behavior from front desk staff was a negative experience mentioned in a few reviews.