List of Top 10 Columbus Pilates Studios

We found the best Pilates Studios in Columbus, Ohio.

We determined the top Pilates studios in Columbus so you can find the right Pilates studio for your needs.


Body Pure Pilates

Body Pure Pilates offers a warm and welcoming fitness environment that provides superior Pilates, exercise, and wellness experiences to transform clients’ health and fitness. The studio is a host training center for Power Pilates, providing high-quality education and Pilates training. Body Pure Pilates offers private, semi-private, and small group Pilates, as well as group Pilates mat and TRX classes.

Pros: Body Pure Pilates boasts highly skilled and knowledgeable instructors who tailor exercises to individual needs, creating a welcoming and supportive community focused on health and fitness goals. The diverse array of equipment and class offerings, from reformer sessions to mat classes and TRX, prevents boredom and allows for a varied workout experience. The studio’s positive and energetic atmosphere is consistently praised by clients.
Cons: A lack of pricing information in the available reviews may be a deterrent to some.


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Club Pilates

Club Pilates is a fitness studio that believes Pilates can lead to a more fulfilling physical and mental well-being. The studio offers a variety of Pilates classes and equipment, including Reformers, TRX, and more, catering to all fitness levels. Club Pilates is part of Xponential Fitness, a global franchisor of health and wellness brands, with over 3,000 locations worldwide.

Pros: Club Pilates receives glowing praise for its knowledgeable and friendly instructors who provide excellent guidance and modifications for all levels. Reviewers rave about the welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere that makes the studio a comfortable space to improve strength, flexibility, and overall fitness through fun and effective workouts.
Cons: Limited class availability, especially during peak evening hours, can make it challenging to book preferred time slots.

The Pilates Studio

The Pilates Studio (TPS) is a full-service studio offering fantastic Pilates and Gyrotonic classes. They have live-streamed mat classes for home workouts as well as in-studio classes. TPS believes Pilates is a mind-body fitness style that focuses on control, precision, and effective movements, providing a challenging total-body workout. The studio caters to all ages and fitness levels, offering private, semi-private, and group Pilates Reformer and Gyrotonic sessions.

Pros: The Pilates Studio offers an engaging and welcoming environment with varied classes and excellent instructors who provide a great learning experience. Reviews highlight the friendly atmosphere, praising the instructors’ ability to make everyone feel relaxed and commenting on the enjoyable company of fellow class members. The flexibility of class times and unique formats keep the experience fresh and easy to fit into busy schedules.
Cons: A lack of constructive criticism or areas for improvement is noticeable in the reviews.

Lifted Studio | Pilates & Fitness

Lifted Studio aims to provide an exceptional Pilates and fitness experience, offering skilled, certified, and experienced instructors in a beautiful, well-equipped, and peaceful studio environment. The studio believes in the power of the student-teacher relationship as the catalyst for physical and personal transformation, customizing workouts to suit individual needs while honoring the tradition and art of Pilates.

Pros: The reviews for Lifted Studio highlight the knowledgeable and helpful instructors who provide effective guidance during sessions. Clients praise the motivating and challenging classes that push them to improve while maintaining a safe pace, leaving them feeling stronger and excited for future workouts. The beautiful Pilates studio creates an inviting environment for practicing. Con: A lack of detailed negative reviews makes it difficult to pinpoint specific areas for improvement.


Reform Pilates offers a customized approach to Pilates, helping clients develop core strength, flexibility, balance, and postural alignment, while also improving focus, coordination, and memory, and reducing stress and anxiety. The studio accommodates individuals and small groups, providing detailed corrections and modifications to refine technique and maximize results in a positive environment.

Pros: Reform Pilates offers an exceptional Pilates experience with highly skilled and welcoming instructors like Kelsey and Kim who provide personalized attention and create a beautiful, pristine studio environment. Customers rave about the thorough yet attainable classes that leave them feeling stronger, appreciating the warm, friendly vibe. The majority of reviews are glowingly positive, praising the quality instruction and effective workouts.
Cons: One reviewer mentioned a lack of responsiveness in the onboarding process for new clients.

Pilates Innovations

Pilates Innovations is a leading Pilates studio in Columbus, Ohio, offering a tranquil, private setting for a wide range of clients, from those recovering from medical conditions to professional athletes. The studio provides a mix of virtual and live personalized Pilates sessions taught by certified instructors, with the belief that anyone can benefit from Pilates, and by hosting social events to connect the community and promote overall health.

Pros: Pilates Innovations boasts knowledgeable, encouraging instructors who foster a supportive environment for stress relief and strength building, accommodating all skill levels. Classes are praised for their effectiveness in aiding progress and overall well-being.
Cons: The lack of detailed negative feedback raises questions about potential areas for improvement.

Studio86 Fitness

Studio86 Fitness aims to make fitness fun, accessible, and varied, offering unique boutique fitness classes taught by instructors with diverse backgrounds in dance, physical therapy, and exercise science. The studio was founded with the goal of bringing specialized fitness classes to communities across the country, and its first location in Columbus, Ohio, offers low-impact workouts including the Midwest’s first Jumping Fitness classes, which combine cardio, Pilates, barre, and yoga.

Pros: Studio86 Fitness shines with its exceptional instructors, praised for their knowledge, patience, and ability to create a welcoming atmosphere that caters to different fitness levels. The intimate studio setting provides a clean, professional, and inviting environment conducive to effective Pilates Reformer classes, barre workouts, and engaging rhythm-based exercises. Glowing reviews highlight the personalized attention and great overall workout experience.
Cons: The studio’s small, intimate space may not appeal to those preferring larger facilities.

The Butcher Shop Fitness

The Butcher Shop Fitness provides intense Lagree Fitness workouts for all levels that combine strength, endurance, and other key fitness elements in a low-impact, customizable format. The studio’s Lagree Method classes use specialized equipment and slow, controlled movements to stimulate muscle growth and boost metabolism, with instructors dedicated to pushing each participant to their limits. The Lagree Fitness workouts offer numerous health benefits, making them a valuable addition to any fitness routine.

Pros: The Butcher Shop Fitness garners glowing reviews for its intense, rewarding workouts that deliver quick results, coupled with knowledgeable, motivating instructors fostering a warm, supportive community atmosphere. Clients rave about feeling stronger, challenged in the best way possible, and part of an energizing, welcoming fitness family.
Cons: The cost raises initial hesitation for some potential clients.

Core Moves

Core Moves is a pelvic health and wellness studio led by Dr. Britt, a physical therapist with advanced training in women’s health. The studio provides tailored treatments, including pelvic floor therapy and Pilates-based exercise, to help clients with persistent pain and pelvic health conditions. Core Moves’ holistic approach aims to reset, retrain, and empower patients to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Pros: The reviews overwhelmingly laud Core Moves for its highly knowledgeable and professional staff, personalized approach tailored to individual needs and goals, and remarkable effectiveness in alleviating chronic pain, improving mobility, and building strength. Clients rave about Brittany’s expertise, particularly in areas like pelvic floor therapy and postpartum recovery, as well as her ability to make clients feel comfortable and capable.
Cons: A few reviewers admitted initial intimidation about trying Pilates or the specialized equipment.

Movewell Pilates

Movewell Pilates is a studio that welcomes individuals of all abilities, focused on helping clients learn about themselves and make positive changes through movement. The studio uses the original Pilates equipment designed by Joseph Pilates, offering both classical and contemporary Pilates instruction to cater to different preferences and styles.

Pros: The reviews rave about Movewell Pilates’ welcoming atmosphere that puts beginners at ease, the high-quality instruction from Amy that leaves clients feeling better, and the diverse class offerings including yoga and Pilates. The glowing feedback highlights the studio’s strengths in creating an inviting environment, providing effective teaching, and meeting varied preferences.
Cons: A lack of commentary on factors like pricing and facilities is a blind spot in fully assessing the business.