List of Top 10 Columbus Pet Groomers

We found the best Pet Groomers in Columbus, Ohio.

We determined the top pet groomers in Columbus. We wanted to make the decision-making process easier by providing you with our list of the top groomers in Columbus. We compiled our list based on numerous trust factor ratings, including online reviews and reputation. All lists are curated by our local experts!


Doggie Day Spa Grooming

Doggie Day Spa is an appointment-based salon that aims to provide a comfortable and safe environment for dogs during their spa visits. The salon offers grooming, deluxe bath, and self-wash services, catering to various pet owners’ needs. Customers have praised the salon’s professional staff and the positive experience their pets have had.

Pros: Doggie Day Spa Grooming excels in providing top-notch customer service, with friendly and patient staff dedicated to ensuring both dogs and owners have a comfortable and positive experience. Reviewers consistently praise the exceptional grooming services, highlighting the groomers’ skills in handling various breeds and meeting specific requests, leaving pets looking and smelling fantastic. Convenient extras like detailed report cards, progress photos, and updates during appointments add transparency and peace of mind.
Cons: Prices tend to be on the higher end compared to other groomers.


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The DogSpaw

The DogSpaw caters to both dogs and cats, offering grooming, bathing, and nail trimming services. The salon requires a 24-hour wait period after a pet’s rabies vaccination before providing services, and it offers an Express service option for pets with anxiety. The salon also provides teeth brushing with every bath or grooming service, but does not service pregnant or nursing pets.

Pros: The DogSpaw boasts caring and skilled groomers who deliver exceptional grooming services, earning praise for their artistry and ability to make pets feel comfortable. Customers rave about the reasonable prices and the friendly, accommodating staff who go above and beyond to ensure a positive experience.
Cons: The negative sentiment revolves around difficulty securing appointments or being accepted as new clients, with a few reviews mentioning this issue.

Marias Pet Grooming

Marias Pet Grooming offers professional pet grooming services in Columbus, OH, catering to dogs and cats. With over 7 years of experience, the groomer provides a range of services, including brushing, nail clipping, bathing, and anal gland cleaning, in a safe and stress-free environment tailored to each pet’s needs. The salon also provides mobile grooming options to keep animals comfortable in familiar surroundings. Customers have praised the groomer’s expertise and the positive experiences their pets have had.

Pros: Maria’s Pet Grooming receives glowing reviews for Maria’s professionalism, genuine care for animals, and exceptional grooming skills that leave pets looking neat and show dog ready. Customers rave about her reasonable prices, efficiency in completing appointments within 1-2 hours, and her ability to put even anxious pets at ease.
Cons: Negative feedback points to difficulties with appointment scheduling and customer service.

TLC Grooming Clintonville

TLC Grooming in Clintonville offers full-service professional pet grooming in a cage-free, natural product environment. The family-owned salon employs trained, passionate, and caring groomers to provide a variety of services, including full grooming, bathing and brushing, and nail trims. The salon operates by appointment only, but also accepts walk-ins for nail trims on certain days. Customers can schedule appointments by phone, and the salon is known for its commitment to providing a positive, relaxing experience for both pets and their owners.

Pros: TLC Grooming Clintonville garners high praise for its caring and patient staff who genuinely love animals, delivering quality grooming services that leave pets looking and smelling great. Customers appreciate the convenience of walk-in nail trims and efficient turnaround times, often within 1.5-2 hours.
Cons: A few negative reviews mention inconsistencies in service quality.

Designer Paws Salon

Designer Paws Salon takes pet safety very seriously, implementing extensive protocols to ensure the wellbeing of their canine and feline clients. The salon offers facility tours, requires all staff to undergo First Aid/CPR training and use only certified, extensively trained groomers, and utilizes top-of-the-line equipment and cleaning products to maintain a clean, secure environment. Additionally, the grooming facility kennels pets individually, requires up-to-date vaccinations, and closely monitors each pet’s medical needs.

Pros: Designer Paws Salon receives high praise from customers for its skilled and caring groomers who meticulously groom pets of all breeds and sizes, leaving them looking and smelling fantastic. Reviewers consistently commend the excellent customer service, with staff attentively listening to requests and ensuring a positive experience. The groomers’ patience and attentiveness to each pet’s individual needs foster strong bonds, making pets excited for their “spa days.”
Cons: Prices are viewed as somewhat elevated by a few customers.


Shampoodles All Breed Dog Grooming offers expert grooming services for dogs of any breed or size. They provide attentive one-on-one grooming in a stress-free environment. From breed-specific cuts to luxurious baths and brushings, Shampoodles ensures your pup looks and feels their best.

Pros: Shampoodles receives glowing reviews for their expert grooming services, with customers praising the skilled groomers who leave their pets looking picture-perfect while also commending the caring, friendly staff who treat the animals with love and make them feel at home. The business is lauded for its reliability, responsiveness to customer requests, and ability to deliver consistently high-quality results that exceed expectations.
Cons: A few reviewers mentioned issues with scheduling appointments or the staff making scheduling errors.

The Dog Stop

The Dog Stop was founded by owners who saw a lack of transparency in the pet care industry and wanted to create a safe, fun environment where dogs would love to visit and pet owners could have complete confidence in the superior care provided. After extensive research and planning, they opened the first location in Pittsburgh in 2009, with a mission to deliver an exceptional experience through educational opportunities, anticipating client needs, and earning trust every day.

Pros: The Dog Stop garners overwhelmingly positive reviews for its caring and friendly staff who treat dogs like family, high-quality grooming services that leave pets looking and smelling great, and clean, spacious facilities with webcams so owners can check on their pets. Many customers feel confident leaving their dogs in the caring hands of the staff and rave about the talent of groomers.
Cons: Construction in the area has made finding and accessing the business difficult for some customers.

Grooming Spot

Grooming Spot provides exceptional care tailored to each pet’s individual needs, treating every animal like their own family. With reliable, trustworthy caretakers who prioritize pet happiness and satisfaction, busy owners can have peace of mind knowing their furry friends are being loved and pampered to the highest standards their owners would want.

Pros: Glowing reviews praise Grooming Spot’s caring and professional staff who provide high-quality grooming services at reasonable prices, with many customers expressing complete satisfaction as their pets leave looking and smelling fantastic. Numerous satisfied clients rave about the groomers’ attentiveness to detail and ability to follow specific instructions, lauding them as true pros in the industry.
Cons: Difficulty securing appointments is a point of frustration mentioned by some reviewers.

PetSuites Gahanna

PetSuites prides itself on providing personalized service and fun experiences tailored to each pet’s needs, with modern boarding suites, energetic daycare, professional grooming services, and obedience training – all delivered by a passionate team of Pet Pros. Their convenient, trustworthy blend of luxury amenities and expert care aims to give pets the ultimate tail-wagging, purring experience while putting owners’ minds at ease.

Pros: PetSuites Gahanna boasts a caring and attentive staff praised for their genuine care and excellent service, clean and well-maintained facilities that provide a safe and comfortable environment, and fun services that leave pets exhausted from socializing and playing all day. The vast majority of reviews rave about the quality care and positive experiences pets have at PetSuites Gahanna.
Cons: Pricing concerns and higher than expected costs at pickup are mentioned in a few reviews.

Love Your Pet Grooming Shop

Love Your Pet Grooming Shop celebrated 30 years in business in 2015 and relocated to a newly renovated facility in Westerville, Ohio in 2013. Owned by an animal technician who shows Siberian Huskies, the shop employs two highly qualified groomers offering complete grooming services by appointment for all breeds of dogs, with a focus on ensuring both pets and owners have a positive experience.

Pros: Love Your Pet Grooming Shop receives high praise for their exceptional grooming skills, meticulous attention to detail, and caring approach that puts even the most anxious pets at ease. Customers rave about the outstanding results, with pets looking their best after appointments, and many appreciate the fair pricing for the quality of service provided.
Cons: Long wait times for appointments seem to be the main drawback, with the shop being booked out several months in advance.