List of Top 10 Columbus Pet Boarders

We found the best Pet Boarding Spots in Columbus, Ohio.

We determined the top pet boarding companies in Columbus so you can rest easy while away knowing your beloved pet is in the best hands. We compiled our list based on numerous trust factor ratings, including online reviews and reputation. All lists are curated by our local experts!


Homedog Resort & Daycare

Homedog Resort & Daycare offers cage-free dog boarding, daycare, training, and walking services in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Their 15,000 square foot facility provides indoor and outdoor play areas tailored to different dog needs and personalities. Homedog’s mission is to support strong bonds between dogs and their owners by providing enrichment, exercise, and expert care.

Pros: Homedog Resort excels in providing exceptional care with a caring and attentive staff who ensure dogs have an engaging and enjoyable experience, coming home happy and tired after playing. Owners rave about the variety of services offered, from daycare and boarding to training classes, catering to diverse pet needs. The dogs’ evident excitement to visit and the staff’s genuine affection contribute to an overwhelmingly positive sentiment.
Cons: A few reviews mention instances of lack of communication or transparency regarding certain policies or fees.


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All Tails R Waggin

All Tails R’ Waggin is a trusted dog daycare, boarding, grooming, and training facility in Columbus, Ohio. Their compassionate staff provides attentive care in a clean environment, keeping dogs active and engaged through specialized playgroups and activities while pet owners are away. Customers rave about the regular photo updates and their dogs’ excitement to return.

Pros: All Tails R Waggin’ receives glowing praise for its caring and attentive staff who make pets feel right at home, creating a clean and enjoyable environment where furry guests have an absolute blast, especially in the daycare. Customers rave about the excellent grooming services that leave their pets looking and smelling great.
Cons: A few reviewers noted issues with billing.

All Paws Retreat

All Paws Retreat is a comprehensive pet care facility in Columbus, Ohio offering dog daycare, boarding, training, grooming services, and a retail shop. Their knowledgeable staff prioritizes the physical and emotional wellbeing of pets through personalized care, enrichment activities, and fostering strong bonds between pets and owners. Clients praise the attentive service, amenities like webcams and photo updates, and their dogs’ excitement to attend.

Pros:All Paws Retreat shines with its caring and attentive staff who treat pets like family, its high-quality services that leave dogs happy and well-cared for, and its clean, well-appointed facilities with amenities like webcams that allow owners to check in on their furry friends. Numerous reviews rave about the friendly, knowledgeable employees and the enjoyable experiences their dogs have.
Cons: A few reviews mention that very high-energy or reactive dogs may sometimes need more specialized attention than All Paws can provide.

Pet Palace

Pet Palace employs a passionate team of highly trained professionals and veterinary technicians to provide exceptional care for pets. Their attentive staff treats every pet like their own, ensuring individualized care and comfort to give pet owners peace of mind while away. Clients rave about the loving attention Pet Palace’s staff provides, making pets excited to stay there.

Pros: Pet Palace receives glowing reviews for its passionate and loving staff who provide attentive, individualized care for each pet. Customers rave about the clean, welcoming facilities and the comprehensive range of services like grooming, training, and extra playtime options. The positive sentiment centers on Pet Palace as a trusted, comfortable home-away-from-home for furry family members.
Cons: A small number of reviews mention pets contracting illnesses like kennel cough after their stay.

Playful Pets

Playful Pets Columbus offers a spacious facility with over 16,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor areas for doggie daycare, boarding, and grooming services. Their dedicated staff prioritizes the comfort, safety, and happiness of every pet through professional yet fun approaches tailored to each animal’s needs. Clients praise the ample play spaces that leave pets eager to visit as well as the kind, patient care during grooming services.

Pros: Playful Pets shines with its caring and attentive staff who make customers feel at ease leaving their furry friends. The spacious indoor and outdoor areas allow dogs to run, play and socialize to their hearts’ content, coming home happily exhausted after a fun-filled day. Numerous reviews rave about the amazing experience and highly recommend this facility.
Cons: One reviewer touches on unprofessional customer service as an isolated issue.

Camp Bow Wow

Camp Bow Wow offers premium dog boarding, daycare, and other services backed by certified staff dedicated to providing exceptional care and enriching experiences for pets since 2000. Their facilities feature spacious indoor and outdoor play areas for dogs to socialize safely in groups based on size and temperament, along with cozy cabins and treats for overnight stays. Clients rave about the individualized attention, transparency, and ability to check in on their dogs via webcams for peace of mind.

Pros: Camp Bow Wow receives glowing reviews for its friendly, attentive staff who genuinely care about the dogs and get to know each one’s unique personality. Owners appreciate that their dogs get plenty of playtime and socialization, as the facility allows them to interact for most of the day rather than being confined to kennels, resulting in happy, tired pups who love going to Camp Bow Wow. The convenient webcams, accessible through an app, provide peace of mind to owners, allowing them to check on their dogs throughout the day while at work or on vacation.
Cons: A small number of reviewers reported their dogs getting sick, such as contracting kennel cough, after staying at the facility.

Puptown Lounge

Puptown Lounge is a family-owned dog daycare and grooming business founded in 2008 in Upper Arlington, Ohio by entrepreneurial siblings Sarah Himelstein and Cliff Boyden. Inspired by their mother’s basement dog grooming business when they were young, they started with doggie daycare services and later added grooming, expanding to multiple locations while upholding their commitment to exceptional pet care. Clients appreciate the family’s long-standing passion and expertise in the pet services industry.

Pros: Puptown Lounge has a caring and friendly staff that treats dogs as if they were their own, providing a wide range of quality services including daycare, boarding, and grooming all in one place. The stimulating and fun environment keeps dogs excited to arrive and tired but happy when they return home. Numerous satisfied customers praise Puptown for their knowledgeable team and the genuine care they show for the dogs.
Cons: A few isolated reviews noted inconsistencies in grooming results compared to what was requested.

PetSuites Worthington

PetSuites requires owners to provide vaccination records, medications, food, and emergency contacts when checking in pets for boarding or daycare. For the safety of all guests, certain vaccines like DHPP, rabies, bordetella, and canine influenza are mandatory. Owners are encouraged to bring their pet’s regular food and can optionally pack beds, toys, or other comfort items within reason.

Pros: PetSuites Worthington receives glowing reviews for their clean, well-maintained facility and attentive, caring staff who go above and beyond for the pets. Customers consistently report their dogs and cats enjoy their time at PetSuites, whether it’s playing in the pool, participating in play groups, or lounging in the cat areas. Many pet owners feel completely at ease leaving their furry family members in the hands of the professional PetSuites team.
Cons: A few customers mentioned frustration with pricing and unexpected fees.


Dogtopia Columbus-Dublin is a family-owned dog daycare, boarding, and training facility led by owners Jeff and Amie Swaddling along with their children who manage operations. Their certified trainers use positive reinforcement methods to provide personalized care that prioritizes each dog’s health, safety, and comfort in a nurturing home-away-from-home environment. Clients appreciate the passionate team who treat the dogs like their own furry family members.

Pros: Dogtopia consistently receives glowing reviews for its exceptional staff, who are described as friendly, caring, and attentive, treating each dog like family. The clean, safe, and well-maintained facility puts owners at ease, while the webcams allow them to check in on their furry friends throughout the day. Dogs love their time at Dogtopia, returning home happy and tired from the supervised playtime and socialization with other dogs.
Cons: A few reviewers mentioned concerns about understaffing.

The Doggy Den

The Doggy Den in Columbus, Ohio prioritizes providing a safe, clean, and fun environment for dogs through their daycare and grooming services. To ensure dogs are comfortable for overnight boarding, they now require pets to be active daycare “Pack Members” by attending daycare at least twice per month, with the last visit within 30 days of boarding. This allows dogs to be familiar with the routine, staff, and environment for an enjoyable overnight stay.

Pros: The Doggy Den receives high praise from many satisfied customers who appreciate the caring and attentive staff, clean facilities, and ample playtime their dogs enjoy during visits. Numerous reviews mention dogs coming home happy and tired, a testament to the interaction and exercise they get. The daycare, boarding, and grooming services are frequently described as affordable and a great value.
Cons: A few isolated reviewers expressed dissatisfaction with specific incidents related to grooming, communication, or policies.