List of Top 10 Columbus Pediatricians

We found the best Pediatricians in Columbus, Ohio.

We determined the top pediatricians in Columbus so you can find the right childcare doctor for your needs.


Building Blocks Pediatrics

Building Blocks Pediatrics is a pediatric practice serving central Ohio, committed to providing top-quality care through fostering personal relationships with patients and families, educating them on illnesses and treatments, and staying up-to-date with advances in the field while maintaining strong relationships with specialists at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. They have specific policies regarding prescription refills, antibiotics, and controlled substances to ensure proper care and patient safety.

Pros: Building Blocks Pediatrics shines with its compassionate doctors who excel at making children feel comfortable and at ease, truly listening to parents’ concerns and providing thorough, caring support. The practice’s friendly, knowledgeable staff and their dedication to overall excellent patient care earn consistent praise.

Cons: Occasional long wait times for appointments can be frustrating for some patients.


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Riverside Pediatric Associates

Riverside Pediatric Associates is a team of pediatricians and healthcare professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive, high-quality care for patients and their families, including preventive care, developmental support, and treatment for acute illnesses. They have specific policies in place for scheduling appointments, administering flu vaccines, and managing prescriptions to ensure efficient operations and proper medication management.

Pros: Riverside Pediatric Associates garners glowing reviews for its exceptional doctors who are lauded as caring, thorough professionals that make children feel at ease. The nursing staff also receives high praise for their friendly, reassuring manner, especially towards first-time parents. Many patients appreciate the convenience of obtaining appointments easily and the efficient service.

Cons: The front office staff tends to be the source of negative feedback, with some reviewers finding them unprofesional at times.

Mid-Ohio Pediatrics and Adolescents, Inc

Mid-Ohio Pediatrics and Adolescents, Inc. is a pediatric practice in Westerville that has been serving the community and surrounding areas since 1986, providing comprehensive care for children from birth through young adulthood. They offer well-child exams and sick visits, with policies in place for scheduling appointments, handling cancellations and no-shows, as well as managing prescriptions and refills efficiently. Expecting parents can schedule a complimentary prenatal visit to learn about the practice and the newborn period.

Pros: Mid-Ohio Pediatrics and Adolescents, Inc. receives glowing reviews for its exceptional doctors praised for their caring, friendly bedside manner and ability to make children feel comfortable. The nursing staff and receptionists are lauded as responsive, accommodating, and adept at quickly scheduling appointments, even for same-day sick visits. Numerous patients have built long-standing relationships with the practice spanning over a decade, a testament to its consistent quality pediatric care.

Cons: Some reviewers noted longer wait times than expected.

Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine is a practice that emphasizes creating a caring and comfortable environment for patients and families. Their team works together to provide open communication, compassion, and honest care, fostering an atmosphere where families can feel at ease while their children receive high-quality medical attention.

Pros: Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine shines with caring, attentive doctors who thoroughly address concerns, making patients feel respected and well-cared for. The friendly, efficient staff provides seamless check-ins, short waits, and convenient services like walk-in hours and nurse triage lines to accommodate families. Reviewers rave about the exceptional doctors at the practice.

Cons: A few reviews critique the administrative staff as coming across as unprofessional.

Associated Pediatrics

Associated Pediatrics is a practice dedicated to providing high-quality pediatric care, viewing children as precious gifts and promising to dedicate themselves to the physical and emotional well-being of their patients. They offer a range of services, including well exams, sports physicals, immunizations, and prescription management, with policies in place to ensure efficient operations and maximize patient convenience.

Pros: Associated Pediatrics receives glowing reviews for its exceptional doctors, who are consistently described as knowledgeable, caring, patient, and great with children. The nursing staff and ability to get timely appointments are also highly praised. Parents appreciate the warm, friendly environment and feeling that their children are in capable hands.

Cons: The front desk staff can be brusque at times, leaving a negative impression.

Step by Step Pediactrics

Step By Step Pediatrics is committed to providing top-quality pediatric care, viewing the care of each child as a partnership built on the practice’s knowledge and the family’s commitment. They prioritize staying current with advances in pediatric medicine, educating families, and developing long-lasting relationships. The practice has policies in place for scheduling appointments, managing cancellations and no-shows, and offering nurse triage services to assist with questions and concerns.

Pros: Based on the reviews, Step By Step Pediatrics is highly praised for its knowledgeable, caring doctors who excel at making children feel comfortable. The staff is friendly and welcoming, creating a warm environment. The facilities are clean and well-maintained, providing a pristine setting for pediatric care.

Cons: Long wait times, even with scheduled appointments, are a recurring complaint.

Small World Pediatrics

Small World Pediatrics is a practice committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality pediatric care for patients from birth through age 21, including well-child care, treatment for acute and chronic illnesses, and convenient hours for busy families. With a strong relationship with Nationwide Children’s Hospital and a focus on patient education through resources like their website, they aim to develop long-lasting relationships with patients and families throughout Central Ohio.

Pros: Small World Pediatrics receives glowing praise for its exceptional doctors, lauded as knowledgeable, caring professionals who take time to thoroughly address concerns and make children feel at ease. The staff earns high marks for their friendly, accommodating nature and the practice’s ability to offer convenient hours with minimal wait times.

Cons: Negative reviews note some occasions where parents felt rushed or dismissed.

Professional Pediatricians of Hilliard

Professional Pediatrics of Hilliard is dedicated to providing high-quality pediatric care from birth to age 19. They have specific policies and procedures in place for scheduling appointments, handling prescription refills, and managing prescription transfers or changes, with nurses available to answer questions and triage concerns. The practice aims to ensure proper medication management while providing efficient, comprehensive care for their patients.

Pros: Professional Pediatrics of Hilliard receives glowing reviews for their knowledgeable, caring doctors who excel at making children feel comfortable. Patients rave about the friendly, professional staff who accommodate same-day sick visits and develop long-standing relationships with families over many years. The longevity of the practice speaks volumes about the quality of care provided.

Cons: A small number of reviews mention challenges with long wait times and phone accessibility.

Ohio Center for Pediatricians

The Ohio Center for Pediatrics is dedicated to providing comprehensive, quality pediatric care tailored to each patient’s needs, partnering with parents on well care, illness, chronic conditions, and behavioral/mental health. They offer a range of services including asthma education, nutrition counseling, and behavioral therapy, with policies in place for scheduling appointments, managing prescriptions and referrals, and ensuring proper antibiotic use.

Pros: Ohio Center for Pediatrics boasts caring, knowledgeable doctors who excel at making children feel comfortable and address parents’ concerns thoroughly. Reviews rave about the exceptional bedside manner of physicians, as well as the friendly, accommodating staff dedicated to providing a positive experience.

Cons: Long wait times during appointments seem to be a point of frustration.