List of Top 10 Columbus Painters

We found the best Painting Companies in Columbus, Ohio.

We determined the top painting companies in Columbus so you can find the right painter for your home.


Prim Painting

Prim Painting was founded by Nathan Pratt and Brad Giffin with the goal of providing honest, high-quality painting services. The company offers a wide range of interior and exterior painting services, professional color coordination, flexible scheduling, and a satisfaction guarantee. Prim Painting is committed to giving back to the community by donating a portion of their income from every completed project to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Pros: Prim Painting consistently delivers exceptional results, with numerous customers praising their professionalism, attention to detail, and high-quality workmanship. The company is known for its responsive communication, ability to meet tight deadlines, and respect for customers’ properties, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Prim Painting’s crews are efficient, thorough, and tidy, leaving a lasting positive impression on their clients.
Cons: Some reviewers have reported isolated quality issues, which the company has addressed promptly when given the opportunity.


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Fresh Touch Custom Painting

Fresh Touch Custom Painting is an award-winning residential and commercial painting company based in Central Ohio, known for its high-quality workmanship, outstanding customer service, and use of top-quality Sherwin Williams paints. The company, owned by Mark Tabor, takes pride in its experienced and professional staff, and aims to exceed customer expectations on every project, regardless of size.

Pros: Fresh Touch Custom Painting has earned glowing reviews for their exceptional painting services, with numerous customers praising the company’s meticulous attention to detail, top-notch craftsmanship, and impressive final results. Clients also commend the friendly, professional, and communicative staff who prioritize customer satisfaction throughout the entire process, from prompt quotes to thorough project updates. Moreover, many reviewers appreciate the competitive and reasonable pricing, feeling they received excellent value for the high-caliber work provided.
Cons: One reviewer briefly mentioned experiencing some product delays, which the company worked with them to resolve.

CertaPro Painters of Columbus, OH

CertaPro Painters provides a wide range of interior and exterior painting services for both residential and commercial properties. The company follows a proven process called the Certainty Service System to ensure customer satisfaction, and their team of experienced professionals is equipped to handle various surfaces and materials.

Pros: CertaPro Painters of Columbus, OH has earned glowing reviews from numerous satisfied customers who praise the company’s professionalism, quality workmanship, and smooth, well-organized process from start to finish. Many appreciate the company’s courteous, skilled painters who pay great attention to detail and always clean up thoroughly after the job. Customers consistently report excellent communication, punctuality, and responsiveness from the CertaPro team.
Cons: A few isolated reviews mentioned minor issues like sloppiness or lack of respect for other contractors working in the same space.

Creative Finishes House Painters

Creative Finishes prides itself on its thorough estimate process, use of high-quality paints from top brands, and its team of experienced professionals who pay attention to every detail. Creative Finishes has received numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers who praise the company’s professionalism, quality of work, and ability to complete projects on time and within budget.

Pros: Creative Finishes Painting consistently delivers high-quality workmanship, with many customers praising their professionalism, punctuality, and attention to detail. The company’s responsive communication and helpful staffmake the process smooth and easy for clients. Painting crews are efficient, clean, and respectful of customers’ homes, completing projects within the scheduled timeframe.
Cons: One reviewer claimed they experienced a significant price increase on the morning of the job, which differed from the original quote.

Stauffers Painting Systems

Stauffers Painting Systems Inc. is a trusted provider of comprehensive interior and exterior painting services for residential, commercial, contractor, and industrial clients in Columbus, Ohio and its surrounding suburbs. The company has earned a reputation for delivering quality workmanship, excellent customer service, and reliability, backed by a two-year warranty on their painting services. Stauffers Painting Systems Inc. takes pride in their commitment to customer satisfaction, which has led to a strong referral and repeat business network in the central Ohio area.

Pros: Stauffers Painting Systems consistently delivers high-quality workmanship, with customers praising the excellent results, attention to detail, and professional service provided by Jerry Stauffer and his team. The company is responsive, easy to communicate with, and efficiently completes projects on time, even accommodating tight schedules when necessary. Customers express overwhelming satisfaction with their experience, noting the professionalism and care demonstrated by the Stauffers Painting Systems team.
Cons: One reviewer reported an unfortunate experience with an unreliable crew, leading to a poor quality job, but this appears to be an isolated incident among the largely positive feedback.

Segor Painting Company, LLC

SEGOR Painting Company, LLC is a professional painting company based in Columbus, Ohio that offers a wide range of interior and exterior painting services, as well as furniture refurbishing. The company prides itself on its attention to detail, customer satisfaction, and affordable prices.

Pros: Segor Painting Company consistently delivers high-quality work, with many customers praising the fantastic results, professionalism, and attention to detail. The company is known for its responsive communication and efficient crew, making the process smooth for clients. Segor Painting also offers competitive pricing, providing excellent value for the level of quality.
Cons: One reviewer mentioned minor issues on a large project, but still expressed overall satisfaction with the outcome.

Classic Papering & Painting, Inc.

Classic Papering & Painting is a residential painting company with deep roots in the Columbus, Ohio area, known for their commitment to excellence, integrity, and passion in delivering high-quality interior and exterior painting services. The company’s experienced team of painters follows a streamlined process from the initial free estimate to the final walkthrough, ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the project.

Pros: Classic Papering & Painting excels in professionalism, quality workmanship, and meticulous attention to detail, consistently delivering outstanding results that leave customers extremely satisfied. Their versatility in handling various services like interior/exterior painting, wallpapering, cabinet refinishing, and more, coupled with their responsiveness and exceptional customer service, makes them a top choice for many.
Cons: Pricing concerns may exist as some reviews allude to their rates being on the higher end.

Painter1 of Columbus

Painter1 Columbus is a premier painting service provider that combines local expertise with global quality standards to deliver exceptional results for residential and commercial properties throughout the city. The company offers a comprehensive range of services, including interior and exterior painting, specialized services like cabinet refinishing and texture removal, and commercial painting tailored to the unique needs of businesses. With a skilled team of professionals and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Painter1 Columbus is dedicated to transforming spaces and enhancing the beauty and value of properties in the heart of Ohio.

Pros: Painter1 of Columbus shines through the reviews as a professional and meticulous painting company that consistently delivers high-quality work, exceeding customer expectations with their attention to detail and craftsmanship. Customers rave about their responsive service, punctuality, efficient project completions, and fair pricing that offers great value. Numerous reviews highlight the company’s courteous team and seamless communication throughout the process.
Cons: A few reviewers expressed dissatisfaction with quality issues like streaks on walls or incomplete work.

Paint & Rollers

Paint and Rollers, a family-owned professional painting company with over 20 years of experience, takes pride in their high-quality work and attention to detail. The company handles a wide range of painting projects, including interior, exterior, residential, and commercial work, as well as staining, light carpentry, electrical, and drywall repairs. Known for their reliability, honesty, and commitment to perfection, Paint and Rollers strives to deliver exceptional results while keeping costs down for their customers.

Pros: Paint & Rollers is widely praised for their professionalism, impeccable quality of work, responsiveness, and fair pricing – customers rave about the company’s attention to detail, timely communication, and ability to exceed expectations. Numerous reviews highlight the smooth process, from the initial consultation to the flawless final results, making Paint & Rollers a top choice for painting services.
Cons: One review mentioned scheduling conflicts and delays in completing the project on time.

3S Painting

3S Painting is a premier painting company in Columbus, Ohio, known for its professionalism, unparalleled customer service, and commitment to quality. The company’s team of experienced and rigorously vetted painters and contractors deliver impeccable workmanship, working closely with customers to achieve their vision while providing honest, upfront pricing.

Pros: 3S Painting consistently garners praise for their professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and high-quality workmanship that exceeds customer expectations. Reviewers laud the company’s responsiveness, punctuality, and reliability in completing projects within promised timeframes, as well as their fair pricing and the excellent value they provide.
Cons: A few reviews lack specific details to substantiate their positive feedback.