List of Top 10 Columbus Landscaping Companies

We found the best Landscaping Companies in Columbus, Ohio.

We determined the top landscaping companies in Columbus so you can find the right landscaper for your home.


Pitzer's Landscaping

Expert Landscape Design’s offers professional residential landscape design and installation services in Central Ohio, including lawn replacement, new lawn installation, grading, seeding, and topsoil installation to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams. They have been a family-owned and operated business since 1991, providing skilled, quality work to transform outdoor spaces.

Pros: Pitzer’s Landscaping shines with Norm Pitzer’s professionalism, expertise in landscaping projects like grading, seeding, and lawn renovations, and his excellent communication that keeps customers informed throughout the process. Reviewers rave about the outstanding quality of work, praising the transformative results achieved by Norm and his team. The promptness, reliability, and attention to detail consistently earn high marks from satisfied customers.
Cons: A few instances of unresponsiveness regarding scheduled appointments have been noted in reviews.


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Lemus Landscaping LLC

Lemus Landscaping LLC is a trusted provider of residential and commercial landscaping services in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding 60-mile radius. Established in 2019 by Jose Lemus, this licensed and insured company has over 7 years of industry experience, delivering exceptional results with meticulous attention to detail, professionalism, and craftsmanship while prioritizing safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Pros: Lemus Landscaping LLC garners exceptional praise for their professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and ability to transform outdoor spaces into beautiful landscapes. Clients rave about the team’s punctuality, responsiveness, and fair pricing, making the company a valuable asset for those seeking top-notch landscaping services. The overwhelming positive sentiment highlights the crew’s dedication to customer satisfaction and their commitment to delivering high-quality work.
Cons: A few reviews mention instances of communication lapses, presenting a minor area for potential improvement.

DKB Lawn Care & Landscaping Service

DKB Lawn Care Service offers a comprehensive range of landscaping services, including skid steer, dump truck, and concrete services. They approach every project with a strategic and adaptable mindset, prioritizing safety, expertise, and customer satisfaction to transform visions into tangible results. With a commitment to prompt service, DKB Lawn Care Service invites clients to collaborate and bring their landscaping dreams to life.

Pros: DKB Lawn Care & Landscaping Service receives widespread praise for its responsiveness, offering same-day service and impressing customers with punctuality. Reviewers commend the company’s professionalism, quality workmanship, and reasonable pricing for lawn mowing, landscaping, and yard maintenance services. Customers appreciate the attentive, friendly staff and frequently recommend DKB to others.
Cons: A few negative reviews mention instances of poor communication and conflicts with scheduled appointments.


Grasshuggers, a women and veteran-owned business, was founded on a passion for enjoying well-maintained lawns and the great outdoors. With a drive fueled by their love of nature and professionalism honed through Marine service, they provide lawn mowing, care services, landscaping maintenance, mosquito control, renovation, and design, utilizing established cultural practices and integrated pest management solutions throughout Columbus and central Ohio since 2011.

Pros: Grasshuggers shines with professionalism, delivering high-quality work and outstanding communication praised by numerous satisfied customers. Their services, from lawn care to landscaping, are consistently excellent, offering great value at fair prices.
Cons: One reviewer criticized certain services as being pricey when provided individually.

Pure Vision Landscape/Tree Services LLC

Pure Vision Professional Services LLC is an environmental service company with a vision focused on creating a better tomorrow. Operating as a licensed and insured business, they provide free estimates and commercial services aimed at improving communities and the environment. Pure Vision takes pride in their professionalism and commitment to their clients.

Pros: Pure Vision Landscape/Tree Services LLC receives widespread praise for their professionalism, high-quality work, responsive and punctual service, as well as their reasonable pricing that provides excellent value to customers. Numerous reviews commend Nick and his team’s attention to detail, efficient completion of projects, and ability to accommodate customers’ needs promptly.
Cons: One reviewer expressed dissatisfaction with the value of the services provided.

Lorenz Lawn & Landscape, LLC

Lorenz Lawn & Landscape, LLC was founded by Brad Lorenz in 2008 when he was just a high school sophomore in Westerville Central. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati in 2014 with a degree in Entrepreneurship & Marketing, Brad transformed his initial lawn mowing service into a thriving landscaping business focused on installation and maintenance work. With a customer base exceeding 800 individuals and businesses, the company’s success is driven by Brad’s passion for hardscaping and installation, as well as the support of his wife Olivia, who contributes with website design and social media management.

Pros: Lorenz Lawn & Landscape, LLC garners widespread praise for its professionalism, exceptional quality of work, and fair pricing, with numerous customers commending the company’s courteous and knowledgeable staff, outstanding results on projects ranging from landscaping to patios and retaining walls, and great value for the services rendered.
Cons: A few reviewers noted issues with communication.

Miguel's Landscaping & Tree Service LLC

Miguel’s Lawn Service LLC is a reputable lawn maintenance and landscaping crew that takes immense pride in their work. They actively utilize their social media presence to showcase their impressive projects, connect with existing customers, and attract new clients interested in their top-notch services.

Pros: Miguel’s Landscaping & Tree Service LLC shines through its impeccable attention to detail, leaving yards beautifully manicured and exceeding customer expectations. Customers rave about the professionalism, punctuality, and responsiveness of Miguel and his team, who offer top-notch services at reasonable prices. The overwhelmingly positive reviews highlight the company’s commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction.
Cons: A few customers mentioned instances of delayed communication regarding quotes or estimates.

Scholl's Landscaping, LLC

Scholl’s Landscape & Design is a dedicated landscaping company serving Central Ohio since 2008, bringing clients’ ideas to life through design services, full-service landscaping, hardscaping, and seasonal maintenance. They take pride in their quality work, from general maintenance to design and installation, backed by a team of dedicated employees who strive to make clients’ dreams a reality. Scholl’s Landscape & Design has garnered praise from numerous satisfied customers for their professionalism, attention to detail, and outstanding results.

Pros: Scholl’s Landscaping, LLC receives glowing reviews for their superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, and outstanding landscaping and hardscaping results. Customers rave about the company’s professionalism, punctuality, responsiveness, and the pleasure of working with Jordan Scholl and his accommodating team. Many highlight the great value and fair pricing they receive for the high-quality work.
Cons: One negative point raised in reviews is a lack of follow-ups from the compay in regards to errors.

Nextdoor Lawn & Landscape

Nextdoor Lawn and Landscape, established in Columbus, Ohio in 2019 by Franklin Ludwig, prides itself on providing top-notch experiences, superior services, and ultimate satisfaction to clients through its team-based approach. With a focus on personalized attention, the company’s trained professionals deliver a range of in-house specialty services, including lawn care, mowing, landscape maintenance, sod installation, property cleanups, aeration, overseeding, and snow and ice removal for residential and commercial clients in the Northeast Columbus area.

Pros: Nextdoor Lawn & Landscape garners high praise for its professionalism, quality craftsmanship, and excellent customer service, delivering meticulous landscaping solutions that consistently exceed expectations with efficiency and value. Clients rave about the team’s attention to detail, responsiveness, and their ability to transform outdoor spaces with expertise.
Cons: One reviewer notes a lack of follow-through on completing additional agreed-upon services after the initial job was completed.

Landscape Management Group

Landscape Management Group originated from humble beginnings in 2008 when founder Mike started a door-to-door landscaping service in Centerville, Ohio, to fund his college tuition. Over the years, the company rebranded and expanded, evolving into a trusted and reliable household name in the Greater Columbus area, offering design-build services and comprehensive commercial landscaping solutions with a team of experts dedicated to meticulous project management and customer service. With a strong vision for growth and raising industry standards, Landscape Management Group remains committed to providing employment opportunities while delivering exceptional results for both residential and commercial clients.

Pros: Landscape Management Group shines in professionalism, quality workmanship, and attentive customer service, with numerous reviews praising their expertise in transforming outdoor spaces, responsiveness to client needs, and skilled project management. Clients rave about the company’s ability to bring their visions to life through meticulous attention to detail and clear communication throughout the process.
Cons: A few customers expressed dissatisfaction with delayed or incomplete projects.