List of Top 10 Columbus Hair Salons

We found the best Hair Salons in Columbus, Ohio.

We determined the top hair salons in Columbus so you can find the right stylist for your hair.


Rendezvous Hair Salon

Rendezvous Hair Salon was built as a sanctuary and safer space, dedicated to creating an open, empowering environment where stylists strive to uplift one another and make clients feel loved and comfortable in their own skin. Based on principles of equality and mutual benefit, this award-winning salon takes a unique approach, prioritizing quality over typical industry norms and fostering an inclusive atmosphere free from discrimination.

Pros: Rendezvous Hair Salon shines as an inclusive haven that embraces LGBTQ+ individuals and allies, fostering a warm and welcoming environment. Clients rave about the exceptional talent of the stylists, who meticulously craft desired looks, excelling in intricate styles, vivid colors, and curly hair textures while maintaining reasonable prices based on hair length.
Cons: Parking around the salon can be a challenge at times.


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Virtue Vegan Salon

Virtue Salon was orignally founded in 2010 by Melanie Guzzo, who was inspired by her great-grandfather’s vintage barber chair. She decided to make her salon vegan to align with her own dietary choices and eco-friendly values. Over the years, the salon grew from a team of 12 to over 35 employees with a second location, becoming a well-known part of the community that hosts events and educates others on vegan and sustainable practices.

Pros: Virtue Vegan Salon shines with its skilled hairstylists who listen attentively and craft exceptional cuts tailored to each client’s desires, excelling with various hair types like curly and thick textures. The ambiance cultivates a tranquil, welcoming escape with trendy vintage decor, lush greenery, and thoughtful touches like complimentary beverages. Patrons appreciate the salon’s commitment to vegan, cruelty-free products that align with eco-conscious values. Con: A few reviewers experienced unsatisfactory cuts or lack of stylists adhering to their requested look.

Phia Salon

Phia Salon has emerged as one of the most upscale and inspired salon experiences in Columbus, Ohio, emphasizing collaboration and creativity among its diverse team of trend-setting professionals. With a focus on providing amazing customer service, high-quality products, and extensive hair care knowledge across various experience levels, Phia has garnered an impressive reputation, collecting over 3,500 positive reviews from its extensive clientele.

Pros: Glowing reviews tout the impeccable skills of Phia Salon’s stylists, who demonstrate expertise in cutting, coloring, and styling all hair types, especially curly and textured tresses. Clients rave about the warm, welcoming atmosphere and top-notch customer service that makes them feel truly valued. The salon’s artistic mastery in transforming hair is unparalleled, with many declaring their stylist has become their permanent “hair guru”
Cons: A few reviewers mention the higher pricing as a potential drawback.

Lucky 13 Salon Collective

Lucky 13 Salon Collective is an inclusive and experienced group of hairstylists located in Clintonville, Columbus, offering non-toxic products and a welcoming environment for all genders. Clients can browse stylist bios to find the right fit, book appointments directly with each stylist, or request the first available opening. With rave reviews praising the salon’s calm atmosphere, great work, and convenient location, Lucky 13 has established itself as a popular local option.

Pros: Lucky 13 Salon Collective shines with its talented and skilled stylists who excel at cutting, coloring, and styling all hair types, especially curly and difficult textures. Customers rave about the inclusive and welcoming environment that makes everyone feel comfortable, alongside the cool, laid-back vibe and affordable prices for the high-quality services. The salon receives widespread praise for its ability to listen and understand individual needs while delivering outstanding results.
Cons: A few reviwers claimed they had unsatisfactory experiences and felt stylists did not meet expectations or properly handle their hair type.

Jekyll & Hyde Salon & Spa

Opened in 2012, Jekyll and Hyde Salon & Spa is a locally owned and independently operated urban salon and spa in Clintonville, Ohio, focused on developing professional artistry to suit clients’ multiple personas and life mantras. As a Davines “Exclusive Concept Salon,” it offers exclusive Davines and Nisla product and color lines, prides itself on providing trendsetting and transitional hair concepts and spa services at competitive prices, and requires at least 24 hours’ notice for cancellations or changes to appointments.

Pros: Jekyll & Hyde Salon & Spa receives glowing praise for its talented stylists who expertly handle haircuts, coloring, and styling for all hair types, especially curly and difficult textures. Customers rave about the warm, inviting ambiance and friendly staff who make every visit a delightful experience. The salon’s cozy, relaxing vibe adds to the enjoyment of receiving top-notch hair services.
Cons: A few reviewer voiced dissatisfaction with the final results not meeting their expectations.

Philosophi Salon & Salt Spa

Philosophi is a gluten-free salon and sibling location of the acclaimed Phia Salon, offering hair color and retail products formulated without gluten and staffed by professionals committed to a gluten-aware environment. Partnering with environmentally-conscious brands like Davines, Philosophi promises outstanding customer service, expertise, and a welcoming atmosphere where clients can find their perfect stylist match through an open booking policy.

Pros: Philosophi Salon & Salt Spa shines with its talented and knowledgeable stylists who deliver outstanding results by truly listening to clients’ desires and offering expert guidance. Clients rave about the welcoming atmosphere, exceptional customer service, and meticulous attention to detail that elevates every visit into a tailored, relaxing experience. The salon consistently exceeds expectations, leaving clients looking and feeling their best.
Cons: Limited availability for same-day appointments can pose a challenge for those seeking last-minute services.

Square One Salon & Spa

Square One Salon & Spa invites guests to relax and rejuvenate in their welcoming environment, offering a range of salon and spa services with a focus on customer satisfaction, charitable giving, community support, and creating an enjoyable atmosphere. With a “our corner” philosophy emphasizing client relationships, helping those facing challenges, fostering community wellness, and sharing an enriching workplace, Square One aims to provide an exceptional experience.

Pros: Square One Salon & Spa excels in creating a warm, inviting atmosphere where customers feel pampered by the friendly, skilled professionals. Reviewers rave about the high-quality services, from expert haircuts and coloring to relaxing massages and facials using top-notch Aveda products. The attention to detail and ability to understand clients’ needs result in consistently excellent experiences.
Cons: Pricing is viewed as on the higher end by some reviewers.

Stile Salon & Spa

Stile Salon and Spa is a full-service luxury boutique day spa and salon conveniently located in Columbus, Ohio, offering a range of services from hair styling to massages by a team of highly skilled professionals trained in the latest techniques. With a mantra of helping clients look and feel their best, Stile provides a relaxing experience and pampers guests with special event packages tailored for celebrations like bridal parties, birthdays, and corporate outings.

Pros: Stile Salon & Spa receives glowing reviews for its talented stylists who deliver exceptional hair services, alongside a variety of high-quality spa treatments conducted in a relaxing, upscale atmosphere by friendly, professional staff. Clients rave about the pampering experience and consistently great results.
Cons: Some reviewers note that prices can be higher.

Blake Rose Salon + Spa

Blake Rose Salon + Spa is an upscale boutique salon located in the heart of Grandview, Columbus, offering world-class services including award-winning hair styling, coloring, waxing, brow and lash treatments, hair extensions, and spray tanning. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, the salon is led by owner Bryan and manager Julie, who are passionate about creating transformative experiences and making a difference in clients’ lives.

Pros: Blake Rose Salon + Spa boasts highly talented stylists praised for their expertise in delivering desired hairstyles and excellent services, creating a warm, inviting ambiance that leaves clients feeling pampered and beautiful. The wide array of top-notch offerings, from haircuts and coloring to nail care, waxing, and spa treatments, consistently exceed expectations with a focus on quality and attention to detail.
Cons: A few reviewers claimed they felt pricing was not clearly communicated upfront or higher than anticipated.

CO.LAB Hair Studio

Co.lab Hair Studio, located in the vibrant Short North Arts District, is a modern and relaxed salon that fosters an environment of collaboration and creativity, all in pursuit of delivering exceptional hairstyling services. The studio’s innovative approach encourages stylists to work together, share ideas, and continuously hone their craft, ensuring that clients receive cutting-edge haircuts and colors that reflect the latest trends and techniques. With its emphasis on artistic expression and a laid-back atmosphere, Co.lab Hair Studio stands out as a haven for both stylists and clients seeking a unique and personalized salon experience.

Pros: CO.LAB Hair Studio receives glowing reviews for its talented stylists who consistently deliver outstanding haircuts, colors, and styles that exceed customer expectations. The salon boasts a clean, modern ambiance with friendly, professional service that creates an enjoyable experience.
Cons: A negative sentiment arises in one instance where a reviewer stated that their request for a specific hair color was not adequately accommodated.