List of Top 9 Framing Companies

We found the best Framing Companies in Columbus, Ohio.

We determined the top framing companies in Columbus so you can find the right framer for your photos.


Longenbaker Picture Framing

Longenbaker Custom Framing is a family-operated business run by the husband and wife team of Bob and Rosemary Longenbaker. Their commitment to exceptional design, quality, fast turnaround, and outstanding customer service has earned them an impressive clientele ranging from high-end designers and hotels to corporations and families throughout the area.

Pros: Longenbaker Picture Framing excels in delivering meticulously crafted frames that elevate artwork and memorabilia with an expert’s eye for detail. Customers rave about the friendly, knowledgeable staff who guide them through framing options and ensure a personalized experience resulting in heirloom-quality pieces at reasonable prices. The business garners effusive praise for its exceptional craftsmanship and customer service.
Cons: Some reviewers state that prices may be higher than some larger chain framers.


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Gregg Frame Studio

Gregg Frame Studio has been a staple in Bexley for over 70 years, evolving from a photography studio founded by Albert Gregg in 1953 into a renowned framing business under successive employee ownership. Its reputation for excellence has led to collaborations with renowned galleries, museums, and artists across Central Ohio, handling works by local talents like Aminah Robinson and international icons such as Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol.

Pros: Gregg Frame Studio shines with its exceptional craftsmanship, using museum-quality materials to produce gorgeous frames that breathe new life into artwork and memorabilia. The knowledgeable staff, lauded for their expertise and professionalism, guide customers through the framing process with care and responsiveness. Customers rave about the reasonable prices that make Gregg Frame Studio’s high-quality work an excellent value.
Cons: One reviewer claimed they experienced a miscommunication regarding frame dimensions that led to an unsatisfactory final product.

FrameMakers of Clintonville

FrameMakers of Clintonville specializes in custom framing solutions that preserve cherished memories, offering unique designs for photos, memorabilia, and artwork, as well as services like embroidery and photo restoration. With a wide range of framing options including shadowboxes, mirrors, and giclees, this Clintonville-based shop caters to customers seeking to highlight and protect their prized possessions in a personalized manner.

Pros: FrameMakers of Clintonville receives glowing reviews for their impeccable framing work, keen eye for detail, and knowledgeable staff who go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Customers rave about the reasonable prices, timely service, and Ari’s talent in transforming their visions into beautifully framed pieces. The shop’s commitment to quality and exceptional service shines through in numerous positive testimonials.
Cons: One reviewer expressed discontent over the timing of picture preparation.

The Original Frame Warehouse

The Original Frame Warehouse in Columbus offers comprehensive framing services that take customers from concept to completion, specializing in custom framing for residential and commercial clients, ready-made frames, digital printing, canvas stretching, and art consultation. With over a century of combined expertise, their craftsmen meticulously design and create custom frames worthy of preserving cherished memories, artwork, and memorabilia, while also providing ready-made framing solutions and large-scale contract framing services for businesses across Central Ohio.

Pros: The Original Frame Warehouse garners glowing praise for its exceptional customer service, with reviewers lauding the friendly, knowledgeable staff who provide expert guidance and handle cherished pieces with utmost care and craftsmanship. Customers rave about the high-quality framing that properly showcases and preserves valuable items, making this a trusted choice for meaningful projects.
Cons: The pricing can be viewed as somewhat expensive by some.

Frame City

Owned by the artistic couple Jack and Kitty, who bring a collective 45 years of framing experience, Frame Ciy offers a wide range of custom framing, mounting, and conservation services, as well as a diverse selection of ready-made frames, mats, glass options, and original art pieces. With a keen eye for detail honed from Jack’s watercolor artistry and Kitty’s gardening passion, they provide high-quality, timely framing solutions to preserve memories and artwork.

Pros: Frame City offers exceptional framing craftsmanship with an expert eye for color and design, friendly and knowledgeable service that guides customers through options, and affordable prices with quick turnarounds. Customers rave about the warm, welcoming owners Jack and Kitty who take pride in their work.
Cons: The limited operating hours could pose an inconvenience for some.

Andy's Frame Setting, LLC

Andy’s Frame Setting, LLC in Westerville has provided full-service custom framing solutions with creative flair and expert craftsmanship for over 50 years. This local, family-owned shop handles all framing on-site, ensuring the safety of clients’ artwork and collectibles throughout the process of transforming them into textured, three-dimensional displays that elevate their essence.

Pros: Customers rave about Andy’s Frame Setting’s exceptional craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and wide array of customization options that allow them to create truly unique, one-of-a-kind framed pieces. The staff’s expertise, artistic guidance, and friendly professionalism consistently exceed expectations, making the overall experience highly satisfying.
Cons: Pricing and affordability are not explicitly discussed in reviews, leaving potential concerns about cost unaddressed.

Gallery Art Center

For over 36 years, Gallery Art Center has been a family-owned custom framing destination in Columbus, Ohio, renowned for its exceptional customer service, talented design staff, and commitment to showcasing clients’ unique styles through high-quality framing solutions. Owner Suzi Campbell’s passion for art and framing expertise, coupled with a philosophy centered on treating customers like family, has earned the business a top rating on Angie’s List and a reputation for creating personalized framing experiences that elevate precious artwork.

Pros: Gallery Art Center excels in providing high-quality, precise framing work that artistically complements the artwork through expert matting and framing choices. Reviewers consistently laud the framing abilities of this family-owned business, commending the knowledgeable and cordial staff for their outstanding service.
Cons: One reviewer felt disrespected while visiting the business.

Framing Center

With over 35 years of experience serving the Columbus community, this trusted custom framing shop employs a friendly, talented staff of designers to help clients choose the perfect framed look from an extensive selection of 1,200+ styles at affordable prices that undercut typical "sale" offers. Combining efficient turnaround with personalized, high-quality framing completed in-house, they cater to both residential and commercial clients across various industries looking for exceptional value.

Pros: Framing Center garners widespread praise for their exceptional framing craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and ability to exceed customer expectations. Reviewers commend the knowledgeable and friendly staff for their expertise in providing suggestions and creating a positive customer experience, while also appreciating the quick turnaround times.
Cons: One reviewer expressed dissatisfaction with receiving inconsistent pricing quotes.

Reed Arts Picture Framing

Reed Arts in Columbus stands out as an innovative custom framing studio helmed by a team with over 120 years of combined experience in handcrafting frames tailored to each client’s individual vision, whether modern, traditional, or unlike anything imagined before. Upholding the highest standards in design, art treatment, and framing methods, this Grandview-based business has cultivated a reputation over its 40-year history as the go-to experts for preserving and elevating treasured artwork through bespoke framing solutions and collaborations with local artists and creatives.

Pros: Reed Arts garners widespread praise for its exceptional customer service, with knowledgeable staff providing expert guidance and creative collaboration throughout the framing process. Customers rave about the impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, resulting in beautifully framed pieces that exceed expectations. With an extensive selection of high-quality framing options, Reed Arts has everything to perfectly complement any art.
Cons: Pricing is noted as relatively high by a few customers.