List of Top 10 Columbus Daycares

We found the best Daycares in Columbus, Ohio.

We determined the top daycares in Columbus so you can find the right childcare for your needs.


Enchanted Care Learning Center of Gahanna

Enchanted Care Preschool in Gahanna, Ohio, is part of Spring Education Group, a network of over 230 private schools across the United States, internationally, and online, providing outstanding education from infancy through 12th grade. The preschool offers a Links to Learning curriculum designed to prepare children for elementary school and beyond, with a focus on developing academic, social, and emotional skills, and boasts a 98% parent satisfaction rate. It is currently enrolling for the upcoming school year and summer camp.

Pros: Enchanted Care Learning Center of Gahanna receives glowing reviews for its nurturing staff who treat children with genuine care and affection, creating an environment where kids thrive and eagerly look forward to attending. Parents rave about the strong educational curriculum that thoroughly prepares children for kindergarten, as well as the clean, secure facilities that provide a safe space for learning and growth.
Cons: Frequent staff and teacher turnover presents challenges for children adjusting to new faces.


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North Broadway Children's Center

North Broadway Children’s Center (NBCC) in Columbus, Ohio has been providing high-quality, play-based childcare and education since 1954 as an outreach ministry of North Broadway United Methodist Church. NBCC nurtures the development of each child through a curriculum based on their interests, while supporting families and giving professional training to teachers. With a long commitment to excellence, NBCC has been accredited by NAEYC since 1986 and has achieved a 5-star rating in Ohio’s quality program.

Pros: North Broadway Children’s Center receives glowing praise for its exceptional teaching staff, developmentally appropriate curriculum, and active involvement in the local community. Reviews highlight the center’s fantastic teachers, commending their dedication to nurturing children’s growth and well-being. The high demand and lengthy waitlist attest to the center’s stellar reputation and the confidence parents have in its ability to provide a top-notch educational experience.
Cons: A lack of detailed critiques or areas for improvement makes it difficult to gain a more balanced perspective on potential drawbacks.

Little Miracles Child Care

Little Miracles is a non-profit organization providing free Head Start early childhood education and comprehensive services to eligible pregnant women, children ages 0-5, and their low-income families in Columbus, Ohio. Operating over 420 centers through collaborations with community partners, Little Miracles envisions being the premier provider uplifting vulnerable families, celebrating diversity, and preparing children for learning and life success.

Pros: The reviews overwhelmingly highlight Little Miracles Childcare as an exceptional center with caring, passionate teachers truly invested in the children’s development and education. Parents rave about the nurturing environment that fosters significant learning and growth, leaving children well-prepared for kindergarten. The center provides a safe space where parents feel comfortable entrusting their children’s care.
Cons: A few negative reviews mention incidents implying unprofessionalism from staff members.

Kare-A-Lot Child Care

Kare-A-Lot has provided high-quality childcare and education in the Grandview Heights area since 1984, with an experienced staff utilizing the Creative Curriculum. They foster a nurturing, family-oriented environment where children thrive academically and social-emotionally, aiming to support parents, children, and staff as one caring community. Visitors are welcomed to tour the center and learn more about their approach.

Pros: The reviews overwhelmingly laud Kare-A-Lot Child Care for its caring and nurturing staff who form strong bonds with the children, providing a stable and loving environment. Parents rave about the quality education and structured curriculum that effectively prepares kids for kindergarten, with many teachers being long-tenured and deeply experienced.
Cons: A few negative reviews mention occasional instances of unprofessional behavior.

Little Incredibles Early Learning Center

Little Incredibles provides a nurturing, stimulating childcare environment that sparks curiosity and instills a love of learning through unique, hands-on educational programs incorporating various theories. Their mission is to celebrate growth, ensure children thrive each day, and equip students with tools for future happiness and success. Parents are invited to get in touch to learn more about Little Incredibles’ caring, innovative approach.

Pros: Little Incredibles Early Learning Center receives glowing praise for its dedicated and caring teachers who nurture children through fun and engaging educational approaches, fostering an environment where kids eagerly look forward to learning each day. The cutting-edge facilities and modern amenities create a clean, well-maintained space conducive to early childhood development.
Cons: One review mentions an instance of miscommunication regarding a scheduled tour.

Giggles and Grins

Giggles and Grins has provided over 13 years of quality childcare services in the Columbus, OH area, prioritizing early childhood education through fun, hands-on activities tailored to age groups that develop skills. Their mission focuses on literacy, communication, working closely with parents and the community to deliver high-quality care and education that prepares children for school and beyond.

Pros: Giggles and Grins is praised for its caring and dedicated teachers who nurture children in a cozy, positive environment, fostering their learning and development. The owners demonstrate a commitment to improvement, updating the menu with healthier options and hiring qualified staff, while maintaining competitive rates.
Cons: A few reviews criticize management.

Kiddie Academy of Downtown Columbus

Kiddie Academy of Downtown Columbus provides an enriching environment where children’s imaginations and curiosities are nurtured through their unique Life Essentials curriculum that supports comprehensive development. State-of-the-art facilities include specialized spaces like yoga and art studios, an indoor playground, plus convenient amenities like meals, extended hours, and parent communication apps. With accredited programs exceeding standards and an experienced team, Kiddie Academy prepares children for life while making each day educational and fun.

Pros: Kiddie Academy of Downtown Columbus shines with its caring and dedicated staff, commended for their genuine interest in nurturing children’s growth through individualized attention and a well-rounded curriculum. The facility boasts a clean, secure environment complete with an engaging indoor playground, fostering a fun and educational atmosphere. Numerous reviews highlight the academy’s ability to make children and parents feel welcomed, valued, and at ease.
Cons: One review expresses concern over staff inconsistency.

A Better Choice Daycare & Learning Center

A Better Choice Day Care and Learning Center provides high-quality childcare, focused on developing routines and fostering a love for learning from an early age. Their warm, welcoming approach builds children’s confidence and comfort, preparing them for school. They celebrate growth and accomplishment, instilling discipline and healthy habits. Their education experts help students stay engaged and prepared, equipping them for success.

Pros: The reviews overwhelmingly praise A Better Choice Daycare & Learning Center for its exceptional curriculum that fosters intellectual growth, dedicated teachers who nurture the children with genuine care and affection, and a well-maintained, orderly environment conducive to learning. Parents rave about their children’s rapid developmental progress, eagerness to attend, and the strong bonds formed with the attentive staff.
Cons: A few reviewers state the center may not have proper accommodations for children with special needs.

Balanced Family Academy of Gahanna

Balanced Family Academy was founded in 2014 by three sisters and mothers – Becca, Sarah, and Katie – with a vision to create a childcare center that provides exceptional care while helping families in Columbus find better work-life balance. Their innovative approach focuses on low teacher-child ratios, wholesome meals, physical activities, and supporting the whole family through amenities like take-home dinners, truly living their mission of Every Single Child. Every Single Family. Every Single Teacher. Every Single Day.

Pros: Balanced Family Academy (BFA) Gahanna shines with its caring and attentive staff who prioritize each child’s well-being, development, and learning in a warm, welcoming environment. Parents rave about the excellent communication and transparency, receiving daily updates on their child’s progress. The facility’s positive atmosphere and knowledgeable teachers consistently earn high praise from families.
Cons: One reviewer criticized the company’s billing policies.

Jolly Tots, Too!

Jolly Tots, Too! is a licensed childcare center that opened in 1997, building upon the nine-year excellence of its parent company Jolly Tots, Inc. With a focus on nurturing children’s minds, bodies, and spirits through educational experiences, the center delivers high-quality care in a safe, clean environment staffed by skilled teachers and an on-site nurse – upholding its reputation in the New Albany and Gahanna communities.

Pros: Jolly Tots Too! basks in unwavering praise from parents who laud the exceptional care provided by the dedicated and experienced staff, the nurturing yet educational environment that fosters holistic growth, and the long-standing satisfaction that spans from infancy through kindergarten. The center’s commitment to creating a safe, engaging, and enriching atmosphere resonates resoundingly with families.
Cons: A lack of negative feedback may make it difficult for potential clients to make a well informed decision.