List of Top 6 Columbus Barre Studios

We found the best Barre Studios in Columbus, Ohio.

We determined the top barre studios in Columbus so you can find the right barre studio for your needs.


Pure Barre

Pure Barre is the largest barre franchise in North America, with over 600 studios and 550,000 dedicated clients. The company offers a community-driven, low-impact workout that targets strength, cardio, and flexibility, catering to clients of all levels. Pure Barre also provides on-demand class streaming through its Xponential+ platform.

Pros: Pure Barre receives overwhelmingly positive reviews for its challenging yet low-impact workouts, exceptional instructors who motivate and support clients, and a welcoming, non-judgmental community that fosters a sense of camaraderie. Clients consistently praise the studio’s ability to deliver noticeable results in toning, strengthening, and overall fitness.
Cons: A few reviewers express dissatisfaction with Pure Barre’s cancellation policies and automatic membership renewals.


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barre3 is a fitness company that offers both in-studio and online workouts focused on balanced and empowered whole-body wellness. The company has grown to over 185 franchise studios and an online platform with over 1200 on-demand workouts.

Pros: The reviews effusively praise barre3 for cultivating a warm, empowering community that fosters personal growth through challenging yet accessible workouts expertly guided by knowledgeable and motivating instructors. Clients rave about the studio’s supportive atmosphere, the transformative mind-body benefits, and the friendly staff’s dedication to helping each individual reach their fitness goals.
Cons: A potential drawback may be limited class availability or inconvenient scheduling options.

Studio Glow Fitness

Studio Glow is a fitness studio that offers a variety of workout classes, including barre, dance cardio, and trampoline cardio. In addition to their regular class schedule, they frequently host special events focused on promoting overall well-being through fitness, nutrition, and education. The studio partners with experts in various fields to provide comprehensive experiences that cater to both physical and mental health. Studio Glow’s mission is to create a supportive community where individuals can prioritize self-care and personal growth while enjoying engaging workout sessions.

Pros: Studio Glow Fitness offers an incredibly welcoming and uplifting environment, with reviewers praising the positive community, energetic and motivating instructor Liz, and unique fun workouts like barre, trampoline, and dance cardio that provide an effective full-body challenge. The warm ambiance, scented towels, and thoughtful touches create an inviting space to push oneself.
Cons: A lack of negative feedback found in reviews may deter some potential clients.

Be Well Studio

Be Well Studio is a wellness center that promotes a holistic and balanced approach to well-being. The studio offers a variety of fitness classes, including barre, yoga, strength training, and hot classes, as well as restorative practices like power flow, wellness workshops, health coaching, reiki, and sound baths. Be Well Studio’s mission is to guide individuals towards embracing the eight pillars of wellness, nurturing the body, mind, and spirit, and achieving their best selves.

Pros: Be Well Studio boasts excellent instructors who expertly guide students through poses, provide modifications, and create an enjoyable class experience. The challenging workouts leave attendees feeling accomplished and amazing, while the nice studio space cultivates a perfect environment for practicing yoga and exercise.
Cons: The lack of detailed information about pricing, class schedules, or amenities makes it harder to determine if the studio meets one’s specific needs.

Seven Studios

Seven Stuidios is a wellness company founded by Julie Wilkes, offering in-studio, virtual, and on-demand fitness classes, as well as personal coaching and motivational speaking services. The company’s mission is to spread positivity and put light into the world through its fitness brand, Good Energy by Seven, and its charitable initiative, Piper’s Place, which supports rescue dogs and creates connections between shelter animals and various communities.

Pros: Seven Studios cultivates a warm, inclusive atmosphere where knowledgeable and engaging instructors guide participants through a diverse array of unique class offerings like candlelight yoga, bungee fitness, and soundbath meditation. Reviewers rave about the supportive community, empowering experiences, and high-quality instruction that caters to different skill levels.
Cons: The confusion around a seemingly closed class in reviews suggest room for improvement in communication.


HOTWORX offers a innovative fitness program in a patented sauna environment that combines infrared heat, isometric exercises, and HIIT. This 3D Training approach aims to accelerate calorie burn, detoxification, and muscle recovery. The company claims its method provides a comprehensive workout experience unlike other fitness programs.

Pros: The reviews are brimming with praise for HOTWORX’s diverse workout offerings, convenient 24/7 access, and welcoming staff who foster a motivating atmosphere. Customers rave about the ability to continually switch up their routines with the 12 different programs, fitting intense yet rewarding sessions into their schedules at any hour. The friendly and knowledgeable employees seem to play a significant role in cultivating an enjoyable experience.
Cons: Limited negative feedback may deter some potential clients.