List of Top 10 Columbus Balayage Stylists

We found the best Balayage Stylists in Columbus, Ohio.

We determined the top balayage stylists in Columbus so you can find the right stylist for your hair care needs.


Phia Salon

Through the years of dedication from its trendsetting team, Phia Salon has blossomed into one of the most inspired upscale salon experiences in Columbus, Ohio. Fostering an environment of collaboration and creativity, it has simultaneously evolved into a hub where industry professionals can engage by exchanging ideas, talent, and knowledge.

Pros: The reviews overwhelmingly praise Phia Salon for its incredibly skilled and talented stylists who consistently deliver outstanding results that exceed client expectations. Clients rave about the stylists’ expertise, attention to detail, and ability to truly understand their desired looks, as well as the warm, welcoming atmosphere and excellent customer service. The stylists’ passion for their craft shines through, leaving clients looking and feeling their absolute best.

Cons: Some reviews noted pricing inconsistencies as a concern.


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Philosophi Salon & Salt Spa

Philosophi caters to those with gluten sensitivity by offering entirely gluten-free hair color and retail products, and a gluten-aware environment. The salon partners with Davines, a renowned brand known for its eco-friendly and high-quality products, while also offering alternative options like Aveda, Pulp Riot, and Pravana. Philosophi’s commitment to its clients’ needs and its consistently recognized excellence have contributed to its success.

Pros: Philosophi Salon & Salt Spa is overwhemlingly praised for its talented stylists who excel in achieving clients’ desired looks with precision and attention to detail. Customers rave about the welcoming atmosphere, friendly service, and unique offerings like the relaxing salt room experience.

Cons: Some Cons reviews claim some hair wasn’t cut as well as had been advertised to them.

Rendezvous Hair Salon

Rendezvous Hair Salon was built as a safe space where everyone is welcomed with open arms and treated with equality and respect. The stylists take pride in their exceptional craftsmanship, empowering one another and their clients to embrace self-love and acceptance. Rendezvous has been recognized for its commitment to inclusivity, winning the Pantene Inclusivity Award in 2020.

Pros: Rendezvous Hair Salon shines with its exceptional stylists who expertly understand and execute desired haircuts and colors, fostering a warm, inclusive atmosphere that makes clients feel at home. Reviewers rave about the attentive service, skilled communication, and the stylists’ dedication to providing helpful tips for maintaining hairstyles.

Cons: The salon falters slightly with potential miscommunication issues that may lead to unsatisfactory results for some clients.

First & Park Beauty

First & Park Beauty enhances natural beauty through seamless techniques. Thei goal is to create effortless, lived-in hair that grows out gracefully.

Pros: The reviews for First & Park Beauty are overwhelmingly Pros, praising the skilled and talented stylists for their expertise in executing desired hairstyles and colors while prioritizing healthy hair techniques. Clients rave about the personalized service, attentive stylists who listen to preferences, and the welcoming ambiance that contributes to a great overall experience.

Cons: The lack of specific pricing information mentioned in the reviews could potentially be an area of improvement for clients wanting a better idea of costs before booking.

Virtue Vegan Salon

Melanie Guzzo founded Virtue Vegan Salon in 2010 after being inspired by her great-grandfather’s vintage barber chair and seeking an environment that aligned with her values of originality, creativity, and eco-friendliness. The salon, which started with a team of 12, grew over the years, embracing a vegan and sustainable ethos, until it expanded to a second location in Columbus’s Brewery District, now boasting over 35 team members and a reputation for community engagement and education.

Pros: Virtue Vegan Salon shines with its talented stylists who expertly craft hairstyles tailored to each client’s desires, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is further elevated by their commitment to using vegan and cruelty-free products. Clients rave about the friendly staff and the overall Pros vibes that permeate the salon. Numerous reviews highlight the exceptional skills of stylists like Lani, Skyler, and Shayla in cutting, coloring, and styling hair to perfection.

Cons: Some Cons experiences have been reported, citing issues such as unsatisfactory haircuts, poor communication, and inflexible policies.

Jekyll & Hyde Salon & Spa

Jekyll and Hyde is a locally owned urban salon and spa. Their stylists create personalized looks for clients’ multiple personas using exclusive product lines. They offer trend-setting hair services, natural spa treatments, and competitive prices.

Pros: Jekyll & Hyde Salon & Spa boasts an incredibly talented team of stylists who consistently deliver outstanding haircuts and color treatments, masterfully understanding and executing their clients’ desired looks. Customers rave about the warm, personalized service and cozy, stylish atmosphere that makes for a truly enjoyable experience. Pros reviews highlight the salon’s ability to make clients feel comfortable and confident with their new styles.

Cons: Some reviewers have noted that issues with appointment scheduling and communication have occurred.

Nurtur Salon

Nurtur Salon + Spa has earned recognition as one of Salon Today Magazine’s Top 200 Salons for 10 consecutive years. The Aveda-focused salon is known for using non-toxic, naturally derived products, incorporating relaxing rituals like massages into every service, and providing a comfortable, non-judgmental environment.

Pros: Nurtur Salon + Spa boasts skilled and talented stylists, praised for their expertise in cuts, coloring, and working with diverse hair types, ensuring customers leave with their desired hairstyle. The personable staff creates a relaxing, pampering experience, and the use of high-quality Aveda products and range of services, including complimentary extras, enhance the overall quality.

Cons: Scheduling and communication issues, such as last-minute cancellations or lack of proper notification, emerge as an area needing improvement.

Lacquer Gallery

Lacquer Gallery celebrates individuality by offering a welcoming space with skilled professionals. Their hair salon crafts unique looks reflecting clients’ personalities. The team aims to help clients unleash their inner beauty through various lovingly-curated spaces offering a wide range of services.

Pros: Lacquer Gallery’s hair services are widely praised for the talented and skilled stylists who provide attentive, personalized attention to ensure clients achieve their desired look. The salon’s welcoming and Pros atmosphere creates a comfortable environment for clients.

Cons: Scheduling issues have been noted by some clients, with instances of being turned away due to timing constraints for additional services.

MJ Luxe Styles

MJ Luxe Styles offers an impressive range of services, led by founder and lead artist MJ, including stunning hair extensions from their proprietary luxury line, hair coloring by LG Chi Color Masters, a DIY Nail Bar, and a unique Oxygen Bar experience, all delivered with professionalism and passion by their team of experienced stylists.

Pros: MJ Luxe Styles garners high praise for its talented and knowledgeable stylists who can expertly transform hair, perfectly match colors, and achieve desired looks. Customers rave about the gorgeous, welcoming atmosphere and the staff’s warm, professional treatment that makes them feel confident and beautiful. The salon’s commitment to understanding individual needs and providing realistic consultations is commended.

Cons: Concerns have been raised about high pricing and a perceived lack of transparency during consultations regarding what can realistically be achieved within clients’ budgets.

Mallory Lane Salon

Mallory Lane Salon is renowned for its exceptional hair extension services, balayage, coloring, cutting, and specialty styling. Their hair extension transformations are particularly celebrated, and the salon’s experts travel nationwide to share their expertise and educate others on their techniques.

Pros: Mallory Lane Salon and Gallery excels in delivering exceptional hair services, with customers raving about the talented stylists who expertly execute hair coloring, cutting, and extensions, leaving clients feeling beautiful and satisfied. The inviting atmosphere and professionalism create a comfortable and welcoming experience for patrons.

Cons: Parking can be a challenge near the salon’s location.