Top 7 Columbus Thrift Stores

We found the best Thrift Stores in Columbus, Ohio.

There are many places to thrift in Columbus to choose from. We determined the top thrift stores in Central Ohio so you can find the deals for the best prices.


Out of the Closet - Columbus

At Out of the Closet Thrift Stores, you can find clothes and more while giving to a good cause.

Pros: Out of the Closet is highly appreciated for its mission-driven and community-focused approach, with a significant portion of proceeds supporting the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s HIV/AIDS treatment and care programs worldwide. Shoppers enjoy the wide selection of clothing, accessories, furniture, and household items from popular brands at affordable prices, often finding great deals. The friendly and helpful staff are commended for their kind, courteous, and professional interactions with customers.

Cons: Some reviewers considered certain items overpriced compared to other options, noted a limited selection in specific categories, and mentioned parking and space constraints affecting browsing comfort.


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Buckeye Bargains

Buckeye Bargains is The University Women’s Club thrift shop. The shop is operated by volunteers who are members of the University Women’s Club and it serves the members of the University community as well as the community at large. All merchandise and worker’s time is donated and 100% of the proceeds go to The UWC of Ohio State Scholarship Fund administered by the Office for Student Financial Aid.

Pros: Buckeye Bargains is praised for its great prices and affordability, as highlighted by one reviewer. The store’s frequently changing inventory offers customers a refreshed selection of items on a weekly basis. Customers may appreciate that the proceeds from Buckeye Bargains go towards a good cause, specifically supporting scholarships.

Cons: Some shoppers may find the selection limited, as well as the availability of specific items inconsistent due to the frequently changing inventory.

Ohio Thrift

Ohio Thrift obtains its merchandise from non-profit organizations, brokers, liquidations, and buy-outs. We also buy directly from manufacturers, which allows us to offer the best prices and discounts to the public.

Pros: Ohio Thrift offers a wide selection of well-organized, clean merchandise, including clothing, appliances, toys, and more. Customers appreciate the variety of items available and the store’s tidy layout, with clothes conveniently sorted by size. The thrift store also provides occasional sales and discounts, such as half-off days for clothing and linens, which shoppers find appealing.

Cons: A few customers have expressed concerns about prices being high for a thrift store, and some have noted issues with customer service and the quality or condition of certain items.

Family Thrift

Family Thrift offers a great selection of items at an even greater discount.

Pros: Family Thrift is a well-organized store offering a wide selection of high-quality clothing, shoes, household items, and furniture at affordable prices. Customers appreciate finding brand-name items and new items with tags, making their shopping experience even more rewarding. The store’s friendly and helpful staff receive praise for their welcoming demeanor and excellent customer service, creating a pleasant atmosphere for shoppers. Family Thrift also offers appealing sales and discounts, including 50% off days twice a month and color-coded discounts on certain items.

Cons: The lack of fitting rooms and restrooms has inconvenienced some shoppers, and a few customers consider certain items to be overpriced for a thrift store.

Good Life Thrift Store

Good Life has a wide selection of clothing and a mission to help local non-profits.

Pros: Good Life offers a wide selection of discounted merchandise, including new items from Target surplus, household goods, clothing, and furniture, allowing customers to find good deals and treasures. The store is clean and well-organized, making shopping a pleasant experience. Reviewers appreciate the friendly and helpful staff, who contribute to the store’s welcoming atmosphere. Customers also feel good about supporting Good Life’s mission, as profits go towards supporting families in India.

Cons: Some reviewers have found pricing inconsistent or high on certain items, and the selection can vary, with a few noting sparse inventory on specific visits.

Goodwill Outlet (Brice Road, Columbus)

The Goodwill Outlet on Brice Road allows thrifters to find great deals in bulk. If you want to snag items before they hit the retail stores, this is the perfect chance.

Pros: The Goodwill Outlet offers customers the opportunity to find great deals and unique items, with many reviewers mentioning discovering brand new or valuable items for very low prices by digging through the bins. The store’s affordable pricing by weight, where clothing, books, and miscellaneous items are priced by the pound, makes it possible for shoppers to get a lot for a low price. Several reviewers described the thrill of digging through the bins to find hidden gems as an enjoyable and exciting “treasure hunt” experience.

Cons: Some reviewers found the bins disorganized and cluttered, requiring them to dig through items, and a few raised concerns about cleanliness, suggesting the need for gloves while shopping.