List of Top 6 Columbus Dermatologists

We found the best Dermatologists in Columbus, Ohio.

We determined the top dermatologists in Columbus so you can find the right skin care doctor for your needs.


Schottenstein Real Estate Group

The Schottenstein Real Estate Group is a leading Ohio-based developer with over 50 years of experience in creating exceptional residential, multi-family, and mixed-use communities across Ohio, Florida, Kentucky, and Indiana. Their current developments include luxury apartment communities in Liberty Township, Jerome Township, and Orange Township, featuring upscale amenities such as clubhouses, pools, fitness centers, and recreational facilities. The company is also planning future mixed-use developments in Jerome Township and Orange Township.

Pros: The reviews paint a glowing picture of Schottenstein Real Estate Group, commending the friendly and accommodating staff, well-maintained properties with desirable amenities, and a strong sense of community fostered within their residential offerings. Residents rave about the prompt attention to maintenance requests, the professionalism exhibited by employees, and the overall positive living experience provided.
Cons: A minor critique surfaces in the form of limited detailed negative feedback, potentially hindering a fully balanced perspective for prospective tenants.


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CoreMark Homes

CoreMark Homes is a reputable real estate company that specializes in acquiring and developing distressed or undervalued residential and mixed-use properties across select markets nationwide. With a focus on delivering exceptional value to communities and investors, they pride themselves on their conservative tradition, long-term vision, and commitment to thoughtful stewardship. CoreMark’s teams thrive in desirable neighborhoods, guided by a set of core values that prioritize quality, service, integrity, and meaningful impact.

Pros: CoreMark Homes excels in providing professional service with clear and timely communication, making the process of buying or selling properties simple and efficient. Customers frequently praise their fair pricing, honesty, and ability to deliver on promises. They seem to streamline transactions smoothly for their clientele. Cons A few negative reviews mention instances of changes to plans after making them.

Kaufman Development

Kaufman Development is a innovative real estate development company that designs communities centered around wellbeing, self-expression, and positive impact. Their approach focuses on creating living spaces that nurture a balanced lifestyle, celebrate authenticity, and promote personal growth and social engagement, all while embracing the transformative power of nature. Led by founder Brett Kaufman, the company has evolved from smaller projects to become a leader in curating distinctive, purpose-driven communities across Central Ohio.

Pros: Kaufman Development offers beautifully designed, modern living spaces with friendly and attentive staff praised for their welcoming demeanor and promptness in addressing residents’ needs. The company’s developments provide well-appointed homes in desirable up-and-coming areas.
Cons: Noise issues stemming from lighter construction materials have been flagged as a concern.

Thrive Companies

Thrive Companies is a multi-generational real estate development firm based in Columbus, Ohio, known for transforming neglected urban areas into thriving, mixed-use communities. With a focus on human-centered design principles and close collaboration with local residents, the company has gained expertise in remediating brownfield and distressed sites across the state. Thrive’s comprehensive services encompass land development, construction, real estate sales, and community management, ensuring they deliver high-quality homes and engaging experiences within some of Columbus’s most desirable neighborhoods.

Pros: Thrive Companies appears to offer a great rental and purchase experience for some tenants, with praise for the staff being a great group of folks to work with. Several reviews simply express satisfaction with a like or calling it the best period. The company seems to handle rental processes well for those who have a positive experience.
Cons: Billing issues have been raised as a concern in reviews.

Metropolitan Holdings

Metropolitan Holdings is a vertically integrated real estate company that develops, builds, acquires, and operates high-quality apartment communities while also offering commercial brokerage services. With a focus on benefiting employees, clients, vendors, partners, and investors, Metropolitan Holdings leverages strong community relationships and adheres to core values such as integrity, accountability, humility, tremendous effort, and creative thinking. The company has developed over $250 million worth of multifamily assets since 1998, with a current portfolio of over 2,000 units under management in the Columbus and Dayton areas.

Pros: Metropolitan Holdings seems to have a accommodating staff that goes out of their way to answer questions and make the rental process smooth for tenants. Several reviews praised the prompt maintenance service, with issues often resolved within 24 hours. The company’s website was also lauded as easy to navigate and informative.
Cons: A number of tenants expressed dissatisfaction with the management’s lack of unresponsiveness.

Wallace F Ackley Co

The Wallace F. Ackley Company is a full-service real estate property management and brokerage firm operating in the greater Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area since 1929. With a portfolio of over 2,400 rental units ranging from single-family homes, apartments, office buildings, warehouses, commercial properties, and farms, the company is committed to providing well-maintained and conveniently located living spaces and commercial properties at an affordable value. The Wallace F. Ackley Company maintains a highly trained staff and holds memberships in various industry associations, including the National Association of Realtors, the Columbus Board of Realtors, and the Institute of Real Estate Management, among others, ensuring a high level of expertise and professionalism.

Pros: Wallace F Ackley Co. receives praise for its professional and responsive staff, reasonable rental prices, and timely maintenance services, creating a positive experience for many residents. The company’s friendly office personnel and their ability to promptly address tenant needs contribute to an overall satisfactory rental experience.
Cons: Concerns arise regarding communication issues.